ANC logic – Enhanced lockdown with alcohol ban but taxis operating at full capacity

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ANC logic – Enhanced lockdown with alcohol ban but taxis operating at full capacity
ANC logic - Enhanced lockdown with alcohol ban but taxis operating at full capacity

We are becoming more of a madhouse by the day. By now it has to be clear to everyone that the world’s most incompetent and most criminal regime at the same time has been identified right here in South Africa.

These ANC clowns have downgraded South Africa from a first world oriented country to the world’s bankrupt laughing stock.

Ramaphosa has held a lockdown news conference again on Sunday night, 12 July 2020. Yes, one of those, where the state run media announced before the time that they are not sure what time it will be, to create the impression that the poor Ramaphosa is inundated with work and will fit in a news conference when he has time.

And once again those people with an ability to analyze and think for themselves were left with mouths hanging open, in amazement at the sheer incompetence and clownery of the ANC’s CCP-virus response.

Ramaphosa announced an enhanced lockdown although we are staying on Lockdown Level 3.

Ramaphosa evidently decided to – once again – punish law abiding South Africans for the incompetence of the ANC and ” our people’s ” lack of discipline and lack of control when it comes to the consumption of alcohol by again banning the sale of alcohol, mere hours before the opening of business hours on Monday 13 July 2020.

Remember there are people who work in liquor stores and they are depending on that source of income to put food on the table.

Ramaphosa said the consumption of alcohol places a bigger work load on hospitals because people drink and cause motor vehicle accidents. They also get in drunken brawls where they kill and injure each other but he failed to mention that he is overwhelmingly talking about the behaviour of black Africans in townships. Why must we keep on accepting blame and punishment due to the undisciplined behaviour of a certain section of the population?

It is clear that Ramaphosa and his ANC are clutching at straws and making a bigger fool of themselves like they normally do.

The ANC turned SA into an absurd looney farm and yet liberal media keeps on cheering on Ramaphosa and his ANC because they are themselves clowns, too busy driving the globalist/liberal political agenda as prescribed to them by George Soros and fellow liberal hacks for them to see the bigger picture and the surreal klepto/fascist dictatorship the ANC turned South Africa into.

Ramaphosa has also announced that people won’t be allowed to visit family like children their parents in old age homes despite taxis being allowed to operate at full capacity. Why do we allow the ANC to take us for fools like this?

As if all people are children and won’t be able to act responsibly if Big Nanny ANC doesn’t issue a regulation for everything. Keep in mind that Ramaphosa initially announced the lockdown so that hospitals could prepare and increase ICU bed capacity.

Now 108 days into the lockdown, hospitals are still not prepared and all sorts of draconian – but inconsistent – measures must still be implemented to “flatten the curve”? People simply has to start thinking logically and stop letting themselves be influenced by liberal mainstream media indoctrination and cliches. This is our biggest danger as a society.

Ramaphosa also announced a curfew from 21:00 at night to 04:00 in the morning. What possible purpose could this serve? Is Ramaphosa really believing that the CCP-virus will not spread during day time in a full taxi but will spread at night?

The problem like always is the ANC itself.

We have previously reported how the ANC, ever the opportunists, have obviously grabbed the opportunity the CCP-virus pandemic brought to enrich themselves again. They have also used the opportunity to speed up their economic racial war against the white minority by closing businesses for a prolonged period of time without any state assistance to the white minority to keep businesses alive.

One of the sectors hardest hit currently is the restaurant sector which employs many poor people, both black and white, and Ramaphosa’s continued alcohol ban will ensure another nail in the coffin of many restaurants.

The ANC does not care about this industry because restaurant owners don’t threaten violence like the taxi industry do.

It is not a surprise that the ANC could not get hospitals ready for the CCP-virus peak because the ANC reduced once functioning and working state hospitals to death traps over the course of it’s ruinous rule.

They simply turned everything they touched into sh*t.

The economy has been bleeding for a long time, municipalities are dysfunctional and state owned enterprises are only looted, bankrupt shells of what they once were under white management. The ANC is totally incompetent to run a government. But how can one expect a black nationalist organized crime syndicate to successfully run a country?

Instead of doing their jobs and preparing hospitals, the ANC has seeked to punish citizens with draconian measures like criminalizing everyday activities like walking on a wide open beech or even preparing peanut butter sandwiches for people. We previously reported how the Police sent a police van to close the Cradle of Hope feeding scheme in Krugersdorp during the lockdown. The Police even burst into the home of a white family in Middelburg, Mpumalanga to confiscate a food parcel delivered at night because the ANC basically seeked to ban the distribution of food parcels to any white family during the prolonged hard lockdown.

Today we are sitting with absurd double standards such as that people are allowed to attend church services and take a ride in a fully loaded taxi but we can’t even visit our parents?

This cruel ANC is not allowing us to be people anymore. They want us to be indoctrinated robots. What could be more important than family and parents?

The sad reality is that the ANC is indeed able to create a pandemic of fear through liberal media collusion, causing many people to willingly give up their freedom and even rat out neighbours who are transgressing insane ANC made laws and regulations like banning food contributions to white people in need.

The DA has also pointed to the fact that the only field hospital that was set up was not done in an ANC province but in the DA run Western Cape.

The ANC has decided to destroy the economy, take away small joys like smoking and even rob us of what is most important to us, being with family, and all they could do is give us regulations and a permit system instead of what we really need.

As if that will relieve them of what they are supposed to do but can’t, running a competent heath system and allowing the private sector to work healthily so that people can have an income to survive.

The ANC has been continually clutching at straws and moving the goal posts. They are no doubt doing it not only to hide their incompetence but to give them more time to loot the fiscus through the issuing of tenders to cronies, speeding up their ideological slow war against the minority and speeding up their central policy framework called the National Democratic Revolution which is based on the communist central command system.

Typically #TheAfricanWay their trough eating mentality leads to a fight over who must stand in line first to gorge themselves and this is manifested in the long running factional battles within the ANC, with the Zuma camp on the one side and the Ramaphosa camp on the other.

We should never let ourselves be deceived to think the Ramaphosa camp is so much better than the other camp. At the end of the day they are still one entity called the ANC with the same mindset and end goal of implementing a very anti white agenda and way of thinking.

Their whole departure point will always be based on self enriching and promoting a traditionalist and feudal African kleptocracy.

The liberal media will always be useless to point this out.

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