ANC lies: ‘Only unproductive land will be taken from white farmers’

Die Vryburger

ANC lies: 'Only unproductive land will be taken from white farmers'
ANC lies: 'Only unproductive land will be taken from white farmers'

The ANC’s Minister of Agriculture, Senzeni Sokwana, told white farmers at a meeting in the Eastern Cape that land that actively produces will not be nationalized.

Although the minister has given assurances to farmers, farmers regard it as part of the deception policy that goes hand in hand with Cyril Ramaphosa’s lie that there are no farm murders in the country.

According to the farmers, it is a deceptive method to calm farmers while the evidence shows that land is being expropriated without predetermining whether the land produces or not.

Farmers also want to know what standard is being used to determine whether a farmer’s land has produced and how much production has to be delivered before the farm will be released from the land grab action.

The head of government repeatedly said that grabs are essential because the “injustice of the past” need to be corrected, but farmers want to know why the Transkei still has no strong agricultural community as no whites have farmed there.

Agricultural experts say that land in traditionally black areas are the lands that produce the least and can therefore be first in the process of expropriation.

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