ANC double standards: No reward for information on farm murders

Expressions of shock and horror is still steaming in after the brutal murder of South African soccer player, Senzo Meyiwa, on Sunday evening. Meyiwa was at the home of his girlfriend when a number of armed men gained entrance to the house and robbed the couple of their mobile phones and personal possessions. In an attempt to protect the girl, Meyiwa was shot in the back.

Police offered a reward of R250 000 for information leading to the arrest of the attackers. The murder was headline news all over South Africa and was reported on by the media elsewhere in the world as well.

Barely 24 hours before, Johan Jansen van Rensburg, a farmer from Leeudoringstad was abducted from his home, driven into the open field and brutally murdered. Members of the community managed to track down two of the attackers, shoot them and arrest a third who is currently in custody. Apart from a mention is the social media, nothing more was reported on this.

Do we approach these two incidents from a different perspective or not?

The ANC government wants to convince the world that there is no orchestrated genocide of white South Africans going on. They say it is all part of an escalating crime wave that is affecting everybody in South Africa.

If that be so, I would appreciate it very much if the Commissioner of Police (with her Idi Amin-like chest full of medals which she never deserved) could then explain to us why all murder cases are not treated the same? Why was no reward of R250 000 offered for information on the Van Rensburg murder? If both Van Rensburg and Meyiwa were simply victims of the same crime wave, then surely the cases deserve equal treatment?

Now, kindly do not try and fool us by stating that Meyiwa was ‘n prominent sports personality and Van Rensburg not. That we know. Why then was no reward of R250 000 offered when Corrie Sanders, WBO Heavy Weight Champion, was murdered in similar fashion in September 2012?

There can be no doubt that government is blatantly lying when they try and convince the world that we are not dealing with two different matters altogether.

In the first place we have an out of control crime wave as a result of excessively corrupt government, incompetent police and a society which is rotting from within. High profile politicians and officials get away with corruption and cheating and lying every day and the rest of society is following suit. This behaviour is justified by the State president himself in stating that corruption is not a crime in his opinion, but is a “Western concept”.

It is an established fact that the traditional African perception of dealing with troublesome issues is to retaliate and destroy the perceived cause of the issue, instead of investigating the possibility that the individual’s response to that cause might much rather be the cause of the trouble. Is it therefore far-fetched to argue that retaliation against, and the eventual destruction of the white minority, is the typical African response to the inconveniences of “Western concepts”, as so eloquently stated by the nr 1 in the country?

This, in essence, is the second situation that we deal with: the racial genocide of White South Africa.

This is where the murder of Van Rensburg and many, many thousands more should be classified.

Senzo Meyiwa was a victim of situation nr 1 – the crime wave

Johan van Rensburg was victim of nr 2 – the political racial genocide.

Therefore it is a senseless exercise even comparing the two. They are hugely different as is clear when we look at the motive. In the lack of any similarity between them, it is emphasized that the ANC government, Jacob Zuma and his terrible gang, in fact: The entire New South Africa and its artificially created Rainbow Nation exists on a set of double standards. They SAY these two murders are similar, but they don’t treat them in any similar way thereby underlining the fact that not a single word said by this regime comes remotely close to being truthful. Instead, the country is drowning in the blood of its people.

We cry for the victims of crime, our hearts ache for the mothers and children of all people, black, white, coloured, Asian… who are senselessly murdered for a cell phone or a few banknotes. But our hearts also call out to the mothers and wives and children and husbands and friends of the victims of a plot to destroy them for being white.

We cry for the suffering of a 92 year old woman of Groenkloof who testified in court this morning how she was repeatedly raped by two young black men to whom she gave food and how the police did not even bother to turn up after she dragged her abused, frail, aged and dishonoured body to a phone after her ordeal. She testified how she just attempted to cover her naked breasts after they left her….and that is how the entire South Africa feels this day. We just want to cover our naked, raped and abused self before the eyes of the world. This country which is raped by the people who is supposed to protect it – we stand naked and shamed and exhausted to death…

We cry for this old mother, we weep for the people of our land, we mourn because our pain is too much and our shame too great.

By Daniel Lötter (Front Nasionaal Suid-Afrika)


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