ANC can’t wait to grab land, ‘african policy of famine, disease, starvation’

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Apparently the South African government is so eager to get their hands on white land without compensation, that they are not prepared to wait for the process to take its course after the August 2018 cut off date given for the Committee appointed to submit their recommendations. Instead, ANC Head of Policy, Jeff Radebe, informed the Citizen yesterday that they are calling a special NEC Meeting for 20 and 21 April to discuss the matter and decide how to proceed in implementing the decision to expropriate land without compensation.

The greed is revolting, to say the least!

Radebe described the need to expropriate land as “extremely urgent”. Another statement made by Radebe is also reason for immense concern. He said that food economy and security are not preconditions to the implementation of the resolution.

This conjures up gruesome images of starving children in Africa where the same policy caused famine, disease and starvation. But the ANC Head of Policy hints: This is none of our concern, as long as we can push through the legislation to expropriate property!

Radebe once more took a swipe at the white minority by saying : “We have already begun to give effect to our resolution to change the ownership structure of the economy and break the concentration of ownership in the hands of a small, largely white and male minority,”

Radebe indicated another ANC plan to still change other existing legislating. He said the ANC intends to amend the Competition Act to promote faster, inclusive growth and transformation.

Recognising the fact that the international community responded to the ANC’s proposals, and undoubtedly also realising the role of South Africans living abroad in raising awareness of the current situation, Radebe referred to the ANC plan of: “Organising the South African diaspora, by encouraging ANC structures in overseas countries.”

It appears as though the ANC government is absolutely hell-bent on forcing through disastrous policies, which might lead to short-term benefit for their voters just before the 2019 election.

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