ANC blames Van Riebeeck for the water crisis

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ANC blames Van Riebeeck for the water crisis
ANC blames Van Riebeeck for the water crisis. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

And here we sit in our stupidity and think that droughts are a natural phenomenon.

In a government where intelligence seems to be an optional option, we can expect such absurdity.

At Front National, we emphasize that self determination is the solution to this stupidity of indifference and multicultural madness where black empowerment continues unabated.

Ironically, whites are eliminated from key positions and all facets of society as a result of more than 119 racial laws but still it is possible to get the blame for everything that is obviously the result of black empowerment.

This racist anti white propaganda is just more proof that Front National’s self determination policy is the only way forward for a responsible and knowledgeable government and a future for minority groups in our country.

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