ANC adopted policies that made the rich richer

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ANC adopted policies that made the rich richer
SA Public Service Union president Thobile Ntola and Zwelinzima Vavi brief media on the new trade union federation's jobs campaign in Johannesburg. PHOTO: Getrude Makhafola / ANA

The yet-to-be-named new trade union federation on Thursday launched a campaign for jobs and took a swipe at the African National Congress (ANC), accusing it of being biased against the poor.

The federation’s convener, former Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi, said the ANC had moved away from the promises spelled out in the Freedom Charter and had instead adopted policies that made the rich richer.

“The ANC has neglected the Freedom Charter which states that land shall be shared, as well as mineral resources which should be transferred to the people or managed for the society as a whole. The ruling party is biased towards the interest of the poor,” Vavi said.

He said the ANC-aligned SA Communist Party and Cosatu had also abandoned the working class and the poor “by being in bed with the rich”. The ANC was presently chaotic, he said.

“No one will survive the current crisis in this country, no investor even. We had a wrong illusion that we may reverse the policies by fighting [former president Thabo] Mbeki, we thought another man, stupidly so and naively, who promised workers that the Freedom Charter will be put back in the agenda will reverse all that. We were wrong…we can’t believe we committed such atrocities against the workers and the poor.”

Vavi was accompanied by other members of the new federation, who included former SA Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) president Thobile Ntola, now interim president of the SA Public Service Union (SAPSU), a breakaway union from Cosatu.

The jobs campaign would see the deployment of “successful campaign tactics” used in other countries, said Vavi. He said it would be carried out along with the federation’s member recruitment drive.

“The jobs and recruitment campaigns are campaigns for a decent work agenda, campaign against outsourcing, casualisation and a meaningful wage.”

Asked who members of the new federation should vote for at the upcoming local government elections, Vavi said the federation had not discussed such.

“We will not be calling on workers to vote for or against anyone, but hope they will vote for working class interests, one which would give hope to the workers’ interests,” he said.

The federation identified itself as being independent and non-aligned to any political party. Workers would soon be asked to come up with a possible name, using social media.

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