Analysis : Ramaphosa the racial warrior in the time of a politically weaponized pandemic

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Analysis : Ramaphosa the racial warrior in the time of a politically weaponized pandemic
Analysis : Ramaphosa the racial warrior in the time of a politically weaponized pandemic

Ramaphosa blames apartheid for South Africa’s imploding economy pre CCP-Virus, says BBEEE and Affirmative Action should be enhanced. Ramaphosa has put the blame on the shoulders of the usual suspect – apartheid. 

This happened when Ramaphosa verbally answered questions from MP’s during a virtual Parliamentary session. Ramaphosa said – in a very simplistic and blame shifting way – that the reason that our economy was in such an atrocious condition (even before the longest, hardest and racist lockdown in the world) was that ” apartheid and colonial governments only benefited white people “.               

Ramaphosa said that is why BBBEE legislation, affirmative action and expropriation without compensation will remain as cornerstones of ANC policy ” so that black people can also benefit “.  “The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy thrust of this government, if anything, needs to be enhanced,” he said.                 

Once again it should be noted that Ramaphosa said this in a very simplistic way as if black people never benefited during the last 26 years in which the ANC was in power and even before. It seems Ramaphosa likes to blank out certain facts to suit his narrative.                     

What Ramaphosa did not do is mention industrial scale looting based on wholesale capture of the state by ANC cadres, the ” transformation ” of the State sector and government organs to fit the racial profile of the country , BBBEE, the ANC itself, restrictive legislation, over regulation of the labour market and anything that moves, African culture or anything else for the country’s problems. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Just one word needs to be given and it explains all problems. Apartheid.                       

Ramaphosa also said that it must be a “shame” on those who always had power and ownership – referring to white people – that the country finds itself in such an untenable situation.                                   

Again, as if the ANC is blameless. Once again, the last 26 years are just blanked out. Ramaphosa said ” our economy is where it is because the country in the past just focused on a few people and only benefited a few people”. Ramaphosa then turned to buzzwords and playing the good guy, saying the only way forward for South Africa is ” inclusive economic growth “.     

He said the “inclusivity” that he is talking about must not be seen as a racially loaded idea and that it must be seen as based on non racialism. Ramaphosa said the aim of the ANC is to change the ownership and control of the economy in an “inclusive way”. Ramaphosa even threw some doubtful facts around – for instance that white people still owned 72 % of farming land. Ramaphosa then asked (in his reasonable, good guy impersonation) : “if this is fair or must we become more inclusive where everybody owns the land”.                                 

Ramaphosa repeated several times that the ANC is aiming for inclusivity and that white people are not excluded from anything. Ramaphosa told Dr Pieter Groenewald of the VF+ that white people must rather come with suggestions of how to implement inclusivity rather than cling to unfair privileges they always had (apparently to this day according to Ramaphosa).                   

Ramaphosa also said the Parliamentary ad hoc Committee investigating expropriation without compensation (EWC) should conclude its work so that ” We can see how we should do it”.


Typically Ramaphosa, his speech was heavily focused on narrative, buzzwords and the past.                                           
Whilst some naive white people in South Africa, typically your still somewhat privileged suburban liberals, might stil be fooled by Ramaphosa in believing that he is the good guy heralding in a departure from the Zuma nightmare, the reality is different.                     

Ramaphosa is in fact a dogmatic ideologue married to ANC policy. He can be compared to a poker player and trickster who will play his game with a straight face or a big smile but always playing to win the game on behalf of his organization, the same organization which is no doubt a black nationalist organization which does not know any other way than to engage in slow racial warfare to achieve objectives. Rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak.                                               
He is part of an organization that believes that taking from whites is the only way to get something in life, not hard work or growing the economic cake. In short no African country has ever proven that they can build prosperous, humane societies and creating that prosperity on their own . African rulers never fail to become hopelessly corrupt.

Ramaphosa will always be the negotiator who will with a sleight of hand, deception and narrative creating aim to achieve and further the ANC’s objectives.                     

Ramaphosa’s use of buzzwords is aimed at convincing people that he is their friend and the good guy whilst he is actually just furthering the ANC’s core values and programs based on a slow racial warfare strategy against the white minority – the so called ” cook the frog slowly in a pot of water” strategy which he admitted decades ago is the ANC’s strategy against the white community, the idea being to take, through incrementalism, everything white people have ever worked for.           

Ramaphosa is a hard political warrior who will always start at the extreme end of the spectrum of political possibilities, knowing there will be some fightback from opponents but also knowing that the furthest on the political spectrum he starts, the closer he will end up to his objectives.

His custom to invite the white community to make suggestions of how to move forward is not because he does not have a specific idea already but to try and bring whites around to willingly part ways with what they have legitimately worked for. It is just part of his negotiation style to get things done.
This is merely strategy and the end objective is still to transfer almost all wealth and property belonging to the white community to ANC cronies in the name of Africanization. But we should always and clearly say, the southern point of Africa never fully belonged to African tribes in the first place. Other races also have a right to live Mr Ramaphosa. It can’t be always and forever about your own race, just so the few can benefit over and over. Ramaphosa is playing the permanently disadvantaged game and playing it clearly. This narrative should not be allowed to flourish unchecked, even if liberal globalist media loves it so much.                           

For people not knowing South Africa that well, there are 2 important facts to take note of. First the State sector and all State Owned Organizations are almost fully black staffed and the national racial demographic profile of the country is also being enforced on all medium and large companies in the private sector.

The second important thing to take note of is that the ANC used the CCP-virus pandemic as racial warfare opportunity to achieve political objectives. They for instance enforced the longest and strictest lockdown in the world but discriminated on the basis of race and refused to include any white small business in official State financial help packages.         

They even tried to close non governmental organizations distributing food in white areas and did not give a single food parcel to any poor white family, even those in squatter camps. The racial conduct of the ANC during the lockdown amounts to crimes against humanity, not just extreme racist and fascist behavior.

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