Analysis: How the ANC weaponized a pandemic to speed up racial war against whites

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Analysis: How the ANC weaponized a pandemic to speed up racial war against whites
Analysis: How the ANC weaponized a pandemic to speed up racial war against whites

BLOW – BY – BLOW ANALYSIS – ANC WEAPONIZED A PANDEMIC TO FIGHT RACIAL JIHAD AND OBTAIN TOTALITARIAN CONTROL, SHOULD BE ACCUSED IN AN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT. – The ever opportunistic ANC took its chance afforded by an international health crisis called COVID-19 which originated in far away China ,controlled by the ANC”s mentor – the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] – to speed up it’s slow racial war against the white community of South Africa.

– In the words of President Cyril Ramaphosa and his commander in the dictatorial politbureau or so called National Command Council, Nkosazana ” Dr Twak” Dlamini Zuma , the ANC saw the CCP- virus as opportunity to ” restructure” the economy in their words so that black people can have a bigger share of the economy in their words.

– The ANC discriminated on the basis of race in help programs and food parcel programs. South Africa had the longest and strictest lockdown in the world ,with the longest and most ridiculous list of accompanying regulations. This hard lockdown forced the closure of all businesses for a long period and then the ANC discriminated on the basis of race, excluding small and medium sized businesses owned by white people from official assistance programs ,leaving many white families without an income. This hard lockdown was approached like a war with the Army and Police fully operationalized in a brutal crackdown.                             

– Liberal mainstream media consented and approved of vile ANC conduct and racial warfare. It even called it fake news when news filtered out that the government will discriminate on the basis of skin colour in official assistance programs, even though the ANC government later defended their racially discriminatory stance in the High Court and Constitutional Court in applications brought by the Solidarity Movement.                     

– There were many State crimes committed in the ANC’s brutal response.The Police arrested almost a quarter of a million people over trivialities like arresting 2 parents when their toddler ran onto the beach and arresting a couple over selling hot take- away coffee. The Police also sent a patrol vehicle to stop the Cradle of Hope care centre in Krugersdorp from distributing sandwiches for instance and the ANC actively sought to stop NGO’s from distributing food, making them apply for a permit each and every day in a clear attempt to make it difficult for needy white families to obtain food.                   

– Rule by dictate and regulation became the norm, issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act ,but many measures contained therein were completely ridiculous and came down to an effective suspension of the Constitution like a ban on the sale of cigarettes and prohibiting people from exercising outside of a time window of 0600-0900 at one stage, with a criminal sanction attached, meaning the Police arrested people over it.       

– The lockdown became more and more of a farce as time dragged on with more and more ridiculous regulations issued for instance when clothing shops were allowed to open but they could only sell selected items like for instance only shoes if they had closed toes.                         

– The government did not start to open the economy because they wanted to but because unconstitutional and ridiculous measures to keep people locked up were being challenged in court by a wide array of civil society organizations and the DA and VF+ political parties.                 

– The intention of the ANC was to close the economy for as long as possible to achieve political objectives like breaking the white middle class by forcibly taking away their income and then exclude them from official assistance packages.                       

– The ANC succeeded in creating a pandemic of fear and pull the wool over the eyes of many, even the people it racially targeted, into believing that a massive amount of people would die from the CCP-virus if the dictats of the State are not adhered to. Many people must be feeling deeply ashamed today after calling cruel jackboot cops on their neighbours who for instance received a food package late at night because Police did not allow the distribution of food to white people or called the cops to step on neighbours who just ventured onto a beach without there being a danger to anyone.     

– The government showed its true cruel, totalitarian and heartless self by locking people up for a full 85 days in various stages of severity before people could return fully to work, the personal care industry like hairdressers being the last group allowed to return to work and resume their businesses which are their only source of income, without having any regard of how people are supposed to live and pay their bills. Many hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs or had to close businesses as a result of the hard lockdown.

– The ANC moved goalposts continuously and this was not questioned by liberal media. The initial explanation was for a 3 week lockdown to get hospitals ready. It then got dragged out and dragged out as the ANC’s other political objectives became clear. 
– A lockdown can not stop a virus from spreading. The total number of people who will die over the course of the pandemic, which can be up to 2 years, will not be changed by a lockdown. A lockdown can only slow the rate of people dying initially.                 

– A hard and drawn out lockdown imposed on a ravaged economy like that of South Africa will cause more people to die from poverty and despair than will die from the CCP-virus. This was clearly stated by a panel of experts called PANDA whose chairman also addressed an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa because he and his government were only listening to their own kowtowing selected officials.                                                 

– The lockdown proved to be a lie, esconsed in a fallacy and wrapped in a falsehood. As lockdown reached day 85, nothing has changed in terms of the virus itself, with the number of dead and infected people steadily rising ,yet people will now be allowed to go to the movies again and cut their hair again at hair salons. This was always possible to be done safely if the right protocols are followed. So what changed suddenly? Why were people locked up for so long? The ANC only allowed economic activity to resume after being taken to court by various sections of society which challenged amongst other things the Constitutionality of the lockdown itself. The ANC was being exposed and that is why it agreed to allow people to work again. If it was up to the ANC they would have still locked us up and forced us to sit at home without income. Well many of us at least.                                           
– If there was any justice, the ANC should be charged in an international court for this brutal and lunatic crackdown in which it targeted especially the white minority with brutal and fascist to the core State muscle but also affected some black people like about a dozen black men killed during the lockdown in Police brutality incidents .         

– The ANC also profited hugely by turning the pandemic into a cash business by issuing emergency tenders to cronies utilizing the normal kickback system or tsho-tsho #TheAfricanWay style. Some entrepreneurs made so much money that one even bragged on social media about the 5 extremely luxurious cars he bought at one go.                               
– The ANC was so eager to hide its own racial war against whites in South Africa that it joined the Black Lives Matter campaign after the death of George Floyd in America and the ensuing #fauxrage initiated by globalists, even though ANC controlled troops beat a man, Collins Khoza, to death in his own residential yard. He was not the only one to be killed by ANC controlled security forces, about a dozen black men were killed in such Police brutality incidents.                                             

– Churches also joined liberal mainstream media in condoning fascist and black nationalist behavior by the ANC State by not speaking up about the ANC’s racist and brutal behavior, showing that they are able to be easily bought by the ANC.               

– Black controlled political parties without exception all condoned and accepted the ANC’s actions as if they were suddenly giddy at the chance of teaching the white minority a lesson. The EFF consistently and vehemently opposed any easing of lockdown regulations to ensure more white people are getting unemployed and losing their businesses due to bankruptcy. Mmusi Maimane , ex DA leader, even went to court asking for the lockdown level to be moved back to level 4 from level 3. The only groups that can walk away from this crisis with head held high are the Solidarity Movement, Afriforum, the Democratic Alliance political party and the Freedom Front plus political party who all consistently and on principle opposed discriminatory behavior by the State to break down the economy and cause harm.                                                     

– The ANC’s facist security crackdown and ensuing economic murder program against the white minority happened against the background of the white population who were more than willing to do everything in their power willingly, without needing to be forced, to fight the spread of the CCP-virus.                   

 – If there is one thing that this fascist response by the ANC government is proving it is that if a group like the white minority is not responding to a challenge and crisis in a sufficiently assertive way it will be removed from the historical scene and will become a footnote in history. All minorities could also learn the lesson that the black majority or their political representatives will not ensure their survival, especially in the long term. Minorities will have to do it for themselves.

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