Afrikaner minority is still discriminated against in South Africa

Afrikaner minority is still discriminated against in South Africa

“I dream of an Africa-which is in peace with itself”, the words of the late former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Words that are pure and lovely in essence, but which in practice almost twenty-five years after his release from prison after imprisonment for crimes committed as leader of the military wing of the African National Congress (ANC) pretty much been forthcoming.

The South Africa from the poems, songs and other utopian dreams does not exist. The South Africa where ‘white’ and ‘black’ in harmony would work together to build a model for the entire African continent is nothing more than a dream just a few idealists still appear to believe. Apartheid may well have been officially abolished, in reality, the roles are reversed: the Afrikaner is where it can be thwarted by corrupt ANC government in favor of the “black man”.

Numerous articles have already been written about the corruption of the ANC. One of the most recent examples is perhaps the appointment of the daughter of president Jacob Zuma as head of a ministry. This daughter, 25 years old, has been appointed as the youngest head of a South African Ministry ever, while there was no vacancy at all published for the job, so other people were not able to apply.

Or what about the renovations to Zuma’s villa, paid from the South African treasury? Is it different from other African countries? No, but South Africa is being built by the white Afrikaner minority, which is suppressed greatly by the present regime.

It is believed by some to be a form of “neo-apartheid”, others speak of revenge. The oppressed who turn the tables to oppress the oppressor. How cryptic as this sounds, it is unfortunately the order of the day in contemporary South Africa. The song “Kill the Boer” is still sung even by President Zuma, and unfortunately also put into practice. The number of white South Africans that fall victim of robbery and murder are frighteningly high.

In Johannesburg 480 attacks on whites were reported in 2014. The number of white South Africans leaving the country for fear of the so-called “Afrikaner Genocide” is also alarming. An estimated one million white South Africans in recent decades since Mandela’s release, left the country. The situation in South Africa threatens to follow the example of Zimbabwe, the neighboring country, where whites were murdered violently and stripped of their possessions and now has to cope with massive poverty, yielded by major brain drain as a result of the violence in the country.

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