Afrikaner family in Bothaville, Free State ambushed by black gunmen

Afrikaner family in Bothaville, Free State ambushed by black gunmen

Afrikaner family, parents and 4 young children in Bothaville, Free State ambushed by black gunmen Tues June 17

Writes Charmaine Ras Burger: “My sister and her family were ambushed at 07h05 just as they walked out to take the children to school. My sister screamed when my brother-in-law got a gunbarrel pushed against his head. The gunman threatened to shoot him dead ‘to make an example of him’.

They dragged my sister by her hair through the house, forcing her to show them the safe. She gave them all the cash in the house including the children’s piggy-banks contents.

She said they did NOT have a safe in the house but at their business. They threatened to shoot dead their youngest, an eight-year-old girl. One man took her to the kitchen ordering her to shut up the barking dogs.

Then she was dragged to the bedroom where she started praying out loud – fearing they would rape her. Her praying so annoyed the man because she was also praying for God to save him so she prayed even louder.

A comrade of the man came into the room and demanded to know what time the workers would arrive and she said ‘any time’.

They tied up her legs and her hands and left. She got herself lose and untied the rest of her family.

The neighbours were asked if they had seen the men and one said they saw ‘a white man talking to a black man’ on the lawn at 6am when they drove past the house. The family is incredibly traumatized.

Yesterday afternoon my sister was at Ackerman’s, and then she saw the same satan who dragged her by her hair through her house. She screamed loudly and she and another woman started chasing the man.

Another man whom she also knew helped catch the man and the SAPS came and arrest him. They found two cellphones on this attacker with a white police-reservist’s number who was contacted just after the attackers had left my sister’s house at around 07h25.

The cherry on the cake: the SAPS captain then sent the two cellphones to his own family home so now all the evidence is lost. This police captain was also arrested and he is expected to appear on Monday in the magistrate’s court.

He very likely will get bail and now my sister’s family is terrified that the arrested man will come back and kill her since she has identified him.

What can she do. How can these things happen? If anybody has any kind of advice: what can be done to keep this man in jail.

It ‘s clear that the SAPS are also involved. — Reported on Boere Krisis Aksie by Charmaine Ras Burger.

PLEASE note : it won’t help to report this to the Independent Police Directorate the socalled ‘police watchdog’ because it’s head by Bomber McBride. The man who bombed Magoo’s Bar in Brighton, KwaZulu-Natal.

The guy who was convicted of drunk-driving and was booted out as police-chief in Boksburg/Benoni’s metropolitican police force. Yes, he now has to ‘investigate’ crimes carried out by police officers. Whites are truly on their own now.


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