Accident victims robbed as they lay dying

Accident victims robbed as they lay dying

Durban, South Africa – Two badly injured men were dragged from the mangled wreckage of their car and mugged of their possessions before being left to die on the pavement.

This after their car had careened over a pavement and destroyed a tree before skidding to a halt on its side on Sydenham Hill near Durban’s Botanic Gardens.

The entire shocking accident was recorded on the city’s CCTV camera network.

What is more shocking is that, before the dust had settled, a car stopped and its occupants dragged the injured men from the car.

Footage is understood to show men rifling through the accident victims’ pockets and through the wrecked car before they sped away.

With damning video in hand, the hunt is now on for the thieves as police detectives trace the offending car…

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