Watch this heroic dog save this woman’s life from a potential mugger.

While a lady was walking down the street with her hands preoccupied due to holding her shopping bags, a peculiar man in a large yellow jacket appeared.

The man was seen walking behind the woman with intent and quickened his pace to get closer to his unsuspecting target. His hands were planted firmly in his pockets, possibly to keep a weapon close at hand.

The suspect continued to get closer and closer. Like a lion stalking its prey, and the woman just as vulnerable as an oblivious baby deer.

A dog that was sitting on the road instinctively realised that something was wrong with the situation that was about to play out and continued to sneak up on the man.

The attacker pounced on the woman and forcefully wrestled her to the ground.

Without a single hesitation the dog, that was sitting on the road, gave the mugger a taste of his own medicine and bit him on the bottom and continued to viciously chase after the attacker until he was far away from the innocent woman.

What a beautiful world it would be if humans had hearts like dogs.

South Africa Today – South Africa News

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