A good deed gone sour

A good deed gone sour

Being that my town sit with a water shortage in the sense that there is only water supply at certain times of the day – although certain areas and households without water at all, we arrange water to be brought in from donors and good Samaritans fro other cities and towns.

Today’s drop came in and the lady acting as drop off and or receiving end was quickly overpowered by mass amounts of vigilantes demanding that they want to water. Regardless the fact of explaining to them that this water are for the numerous old people and old age homes in our town and rural area, they formed a mob and started threatening to burn down the shop where the left over water is in store until tomorrow to dish out the water to old age homes and the area whom does not have water at all.

Funny enough, the vigilante group demanding that they want ALL the water, are those, living in an area where water supply comes through on scheduled times, regardless those that don’t have the privilege of running water.


On asking the mob leader to step down he started to make threats of burning the shop down and hurting the kids of the shop owner.

When asked that he should try and understand that at this stage we provide to those that don’t have, he chanted back that the whites are keeping the water for our themselves. Which is not true.

Water does not have colour.

As organizer of the “imported” water the responsibility lies with me to distribute the water to those that don’t have, rather to just being bullied by a black guy whom drives a 2015 BMW who demands all the left over water that must be distributed to the elderly.

Conclusion and today’s experience taught me once again a lesson: The “fat cat”, the privilege black guy whom have it all and are far more better off than 90 % blacks and whites are the bells and rings of organized vigilante groups and they need to keep the questions away from how they became rich, by shouting the loudest that a good intention act, turns political.

I asked that the cops be called out after the threats was received and on arrival of the cops, vigilante war master, turned out to became a soft spoken slush puppy.

After both sides was heard by the attending cops the puppet master got into his BMW and drove off, leaving “his” people behind on their own.


Never the less, the water will be distributed to those in need and not to those who want!

Bill Harington

Community Contribution

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