4000 farms available for redistribution, nobody’s getting them

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4000 farms available for redistribution, nobody’s getting them
4000 farms available for redistribution, nobody's getting them

Government currently has some 4000 farms and vast tracts of state land available for redistribution.

The ANC and EFF want to make government custodians of the land whereas the DA wants people to be owners and have title deeds to their land.

Land reform programmes pursued since 1994 have been blighted by wide scale corruption, inefficiency, chronic underfunding, and bad policy.

Now the ANC and EFF want the government to be the custodians of the land?

The only way to achieve land reform that truly empowers black South Africans and strengthens the economy is to make beneficiaries owners of the land, not tenants or dependents of government!

The DA will defend the Constitution and show that expropriation without compensation is not the solution to assisting the poor and marginalised in accessing land and economic opportunities.

We believe it is possible to achieve the aims of land reform and to do so in a way that truly empowers black people and strengthens the economy. We reject the opportunism of launching an attack on the Constitution to deflect from the failures of the ANC led government.

We look forward to advancing workable solutions on land reform in the Constitutional Review Committee, and dismantling EFF populism and ANC opportunism.

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