4 Murders in 2 days as focus of attacks shifts from farms to towns

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4 Murders in 2 days as focus of attacks shifts from farms to towns
4 Murders in 2 days as focus of attacks shifts from farms to towns

Urgent warning to be vigilant as #Blackwar has shifted from farms to cities and towns, in recent days in South Africa. Four white people have been brutally murdered in the last two days. Is the focus of #Blackwar shifting?

People in cities and towns have to step up security because it seems the focus of the brutal black-on-white campaign of violence and murder has shifted from farms to cities and towns in the last few days. It does appear as if attacks directed against farms are turned on and off – sometimes there is a lull and suddenly it ramps up again – and this fact maybe points to political operators like the EFF being behind farm attacks.

There has definitely been a dramatic reduction in farm attacks since the nationwide protest marches against farm murders. Is it not strange that suddenly farm attacks are less because of all the media and world attention? But the killers did not stop killing. They just started killing in cities and towns.

A man from Carletonville, Ernest Zeelie (63), became another #BlackWar victim on Tuesday afternoon 8 September 2020, when he was drowned in his bath by 3 black male home invaders. The attackers also tied up Zeelie’s wife. Anzel Venter Zeelie’s daughter, told the media that her father was a shaft foreman on the East Driefontein mine for years.
There have been no arrests so far.

The bodies of a well known businesswoman and her mother from Polokwane have been found after they were abducted on Thursday 10 September 2020. Lizette Deacon, who was in her fifties, and her mother Hettie, who was in her seventies, were attacked in their house in Eduan Park and abducted. Their bodies were found in their car outside the town, near to the Hoer Landbouskool Kuschke. They were tied up and murdered.
Someone tried to contact them on Thursday afternoon when they did not answer their phones and went to investigate what is going on at their house.Blood was discovered in the house.

The bodies of the 2 women were later discovered in the boot of their car which was left abandoned. Lizette was the owner of the Ocean Basket restaurants in Savanah Mall and Mall of the North. No suspects have been identified in this case either.

Mike Reed of De Kock str, Napier just went to town quickly on Thursday. When he returned home around 12:00, he found his wife murdered in the house. she was lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. It is suspected the attackers came over the back wall of their house and wanted to rob them because the couple sells wood and the attackers thought they had money in the house.

Police initially arrested three suspects but one man remains in detention on a charge of murder and he will appear in the Bredasdorp Magistrates court on Monday 14 September 2020.

White families should be extremely careful and enhance security measures because this brutal type of killing has been going on for decades, mostly under the radar because liberal media did not regard it as a priority.

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