22 Confirmed farm attacks in August 2014

22 Confirmed farm attacks in August 2014
Limpopo farmer murdered in his home during an attack

South Africa – Afriforum’s Ian Cameron reports that 22 confirmed farm attacks occurred in August 2014 alone. Five of these resulted in grusome murder.

The 5 victims in August were:

  • Koos Jonker, Ellisras, 4 August
  • Piet van Wyk, Letsitele, 9 August
  • Kobus van der Westhuizen, Hartebeespoort, 16 August
  • Coba Odendaal, Vredendal, 19 August
  • Josef Makua, Belfast, 30 August

That brings, by the end of August, the number of farm attacks for 2014 to a total of 87. Cameron mentions in his report that the time has arrived for communities to establish structures and create actions to secure themselves as government is clearly not planning to do anything to ensure the safety of our rural community.

Front National supports this wholeheartedly.

Through the mediating actions of our European representative, Claudia Bryan, we are in the process of confirming dates for appointments with a number of influential politicians and public personalities abroad and arrangements are already in advanced stage for a foreign visit during which we have been invited to address British, European and American politicians on issues such as self determination, discriminating legislation and the burning issues of farm attacks.

Claudia will address a meeting of influential European nobles and clergy about this issue in a week or two from now. In the meantime it is becoming clear that the time is here to set smaller issues and differences aside and sit down around a table as representative organisations of our people to discuss and address this issue, in particular.

It is the blood of our people flowing here. In the words of Liesl Basson of FN Youth, who sent me a number of disturbing pictures early this morning: “I have more than 3 quarters of my natural life expectancy left… Am I going to make it, and if so: What is going to be left for me?”.

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