2018 the year of the Republic flag

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2018 the year of the Republic flag
2018 the year of the Republic flag

In response to the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s “question,” whether it is time for the Republic flag to be banned, the leader of the HNP, Mr. Andries Breytenbach, claimed that next year, the flag would be 90 years since it was raised and should be displayed nationwide.

Mr. Breytenbach pointed out that more sounds were being sent for the old Republic flag to be banned. “They hate us, just listen to the hypocrisy:” It creates a sense of “us” and “you.”

“The supporters of the ruling dispensation and their supposed ‘rainbow nation’ should note: We are not part of you: not now and never will be. The old flag is a symbol of order, civilization, progress, freedom, respect for cultural differences, a Christian order. The flag you enforced on us is a symbol of oppression, murder, disorder, decay, cultural delusion, racial hatred, an anti-Christian order.”

“Next year on May 31, it would be exactly 90 years ago that the Orange-white-blue was first raised as its own flag of South Africa. Until that time we had to bend under the imperialist Union Jack. The flag was the symbol of rejection of British imperialism. With a republic in 1961, this flag was retained.”

“The fight against communism was fought under this flag and under the armor of it, our soldiers courage displayed. We cannot allow them to erase another part of our history.”

“Let’s commemorate the occasion next year and show that flag nationwide!” said Breytenbach.

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