16-Year-old home alone during robbery in Kenridge

16-Year-old home alone during robbery in Kenridge

Durbanville, South Africa – A 16-year-old boy was home alone last Thursday when four men entered the family home in Kenridge and stole a firearm and several items.

According to Lt Marchell Rhode, spokesperson for the Durbanville police, the men entered the house in Hofmeyer Street near Kenridge Primary School at 19:40.

The boy’s parents went out for a short while. He heard a noise and went to the front door, which was not locked, to investigate as he did not expect his parents back so soon. The robbers were already in the house and one of them pointed a gun at him and asked where the safe was.

They also had a hammer and crowbar with them. The boy said he doesn’t know where the safe was, so the robbers tied him up with a hairdryer cord and locked him in the bathroom.

They then rifled through the cupboards and found the safe, which they opened with a hammer and took a .38 handgun with rounds. They also took a flat screen TV and laptop.

The boy waited until it was quiet and called on the neighbours for help. Rhode confirmed that no one was injured and the suspects sped off in an unknown vehicle.


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