Work in 21st Century: The evolving role of people management

Most entrepreneurs need support to handle workplace challenges and issues – particularly with employees.

Employees are partners in the growth of any company, yet many small businesses think that they don’t need a formal human resources (HR) strategy or proper HR business processes.

Figuring that they can’t afford to hire full-time human resources (HR) specialists and thinking that outsourcing this function is more pain than its worth, many SMEs deal with HR management by ignoring it as best as they can. But small businesses owners that want to get the best possible results from the people they hire must take HR seriously.

It is against this background that Millennium Support Services (MSS) have unleashed the power of technology to provide a creative solution that affords all businesses enterprises as well as various employers the opportunity to have a Human Capital Management for their organisation.

This is because most of the Sole Proprietor and SME ventures (and Domestic worker environments) have no Human Resource expertise at their disposal or financial muscle to have dedicated resources to provide these important support services. That however still does not exempt them from ensuring full compliance when it comes to the labour laws of the Republic of South Africa. Non-compliance remains exactly that “Non-Compliance”.

“Our service combines its expertise in Human Capital Management field with the convenience of Technology, to afford all type and sizes of clients the ability to comply with the Labour Law regulations. These regulations are stipulated and governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa”, says Sharon Tshabalala Director of Millennium Support Services.

The company provides online Human Capital Compliance service mainly to Sole Proprietor, Small-to-Medium (SME) size enterprises as well as Domestic workers’ market throughout the country.

“Small businesses have no resources yet at the same time are not exempted from compliance. Therefore through the use of technology we are able to provide easily accessible HR services across the board”, says Sharon.

MSS has therefore identified various factors that contribute to that position of non-compliance in the employer and employee relationship. It is therefore positioning itself to resolve these challenges on behalf of clients.

HR management is a specialist field, with many laws and regulations to navigate. If you don’t have a background in this field and can’t afford to hire a full-time HR specialist, consider outsourcing this function.