Water for All provides life sustaining borehole in Mathabatha, Limpopo

Water for All provides life sustaining borehole in Mathabatha, Limpopo

Water is a vital element which determines the survival of both vegetation and animal life on earth.  Given the scourging global pandemic, water has become even more crucial in the times we live as, it plays an especially important role when it comes to sanitation and hygiene.  It has been three months since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in the country, and now with winter upon us, the numbers are skyrocketing.  There are many communities in our country facing two major crises during this time – a shortage of water and the devastation COVID-19 is leaving in its wake.  It is in this case that Water for All, which comprises a consortium of three companies namely, Atlas Copco, Rand Air and Epiroc have proactively provided the residents of Mathabatha in the Limpopo province with a solution by the installation of a brand new borehole.

Spokesperson for Water for All, Bongani Ndlovu says:  “The community houses over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children alone along with other family units.  The borehole has therefore provided huge relief and a marked impact to the people of the community.  The provision of the borehole quite literally during this period, has saved numerous lives and equipped the community to handle cleanliness concerns which are in direct relation to the pandemic.  It really does prove that any contribution, or financial aid, no matter how minimal it may be perceived, has a ripple effect and positively impacts the lives of so many who, especially during the climate we find ourselves in, would have otherwise perished.  We therefore urge companies and individuals alike to contribute and help the less fortunate in whatever capacity they are able to.”

The installation of boreholes provides a simple and cost effective means for underprivileged communities to easily access clean water directly from an underground source. Borehole water also assists communities in creating and maintaining food gardens, which sustains and nourishes families in the community.  The garden’s produce in turn, makes for income generation as the food is harvested and sold at cost to those situated in and around the community.

The last borehole installation took place in 2019 when Water for All installed the first one which catered to the needs of the community in Mathabatha in the Limpopo province.  The source dried up not too soon after which forced the community to purchase water sold off a mobile water tank.  Water reserves were stored at the organisation’s care centre in steel drums and, replaced after a few days for the purpose of adherence to cleanliness standards.  The lack of water availability not only impacted the community’s immediate needs though, also placed a halt on the community’s farming efforts.

“Water for All has plans to aggressively continue supplying communities in South Africa with this life giving source.  We are hopeful that the pandemic will soon pass however, we do not plan on halting our operations based on an emotion of fear.  We find ourselves in historical times which are presently dominated by an atmosphere of fear of the economy – both local and global collapsing.  This fear is being filtered down to the people of various communities.  We should not retract our efforts based on negative emotions that are not rooted in truth.  Now, more than ever, large corporates, NGOs and individuals alike, need to come together, link arms and do whatever they can to contribute however they can, towards the betterment of citizens who have been plagued with injustices from times past.  I am confident that unity and a commitment towards betterment, both in corporate South Africa and, in our complement of everyday citizens will contribute to the greater good and essentially the survival of our vulnerable communities,” says Ndlovu.

About Water for All

Water changes lives. Water for All realized the value of water as early as in 1984 and we have since then funded projects all over the world that give people in need access to clean drinking water and improved facilities for sanitation and hygiene.  Visit https://www.water4all.org/en for more information.