Sleepwell launches in GCC’s vibrant E-Commerce market with a better buying & sleeping experience

Sleepwell launches in GCC’s vibrant E-Commerce market with a better buying & sleeping experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Ordering mattresses online – a trend which became popular at the height of the pandemic lockdown, is now here to stay, according to Sleepwell – a leading Asia-based mattress company, which launched today in GCC.

Sleepwell’s entry into the region comes against a backdrop of the region’s burgeoning eCommerce market, which is poised to grow from US$24 billion in 2020, to reach US$50 billion by 2025. This, according to analysts, will be driven by the region’s rising population, ballooning internet penetration and the disruptive buying patterns caused by the pandemic.

With five decades of experience in developing personalized sleeping solutions, Sleepwell’s portfolio includes three flagship mattresses in the Pro series – Dual Pro Profiled, Ortho Pro Spring & Ortho Pro Profiled. They all come in 20cm, 25 cm and 30 cm thickness. The spring mattress has a medium firm feel and has 3 zones to give comfort to each part of the body. The foam mattresses come in profiled foam for better comfort. The Dual mattress offers different feels on each side of the mattress – medium firm on one side and a gentle feel once you flip it. You can choose whichever side gives you better comfort. The Ortho Pro foam is designed for ideal spinal support for a trouble-free back.

All mattresses come with the patented Neem Fresche technology which protects you and your loved ones from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders. They also come in zippable covers which can be removed easily and washed to maintain better hygiene as over time, mattress gather dust and sweat.

Sleepwell’s E-Commerce experience will include a readily available expert to guide customers on the suitable product for their needs, a 100-day trial with a return and full refund option and express delivery of upto 48 hours free of charge. All mattresses come in a box, which is now a widely accepted solution worldwide as a modern form of mattress packaging.


As part of its strategy to offer GCC-based customers a wider selection and preference-driven choice of sleep solutions that meet their individual lifestyles and sleeping needs, Sleepwell’s lineup of mattresses will exclusively be available on its eCommerce platform and other reputable marketplaces including Amazon and Noon.

“Following extensive market research and emerging trends across mattress industry in the GCC region, we have identified a growing need for personalized comfort, especially for a better sleeping experience. We are alive to the fact that GCC residents work hard and play hard. To ensure that they start each day on a fresh and rejuvenated note, Sleepwell has introduced a range of luxury mattresses and pillows that are scientifically designed to offer the ultimate sleeping comfort,” said Mr. Kumar Brijwani – Business Head MENA.

Innovative approach

Driven by innovation and emerging lifestyle needs, Sleepwell’s range of mattresses focuses on support and responsive comfort in its engineering – a unique and important feature, which caters for sleepers of all positions.

Sleepwell’s new comfort mattress lineup has been carefully conceptualized and designed for the ultimate in comfort by providing optimal full-body support. The range is as a result of years of studying our customers’ feedback, data-backed scientific research and market trends. This is anchored on our commitment and passion to create innovative sleep solutions by providing the perfect sleeping experience from the most comfortable and customizable mattresses and pillows ever designed.

Imagine, if you could roll up ‘comfort’, sling it over your shoulder, and conveniently travel with it wherever you go. That’s Sleepwell’s rolled-up pillows for you. These one-of-a-kind pillows are designed to offer consumer’s personal comfort beyond their bedroom. Sleepwell’s space-saving pillows can be rolled up quickly and carried easily, anywhere. What’s more! With a step towards a sustainable future, these pillows come in smart eco-friendly canvas cloth packaging. So even the environment can sleep easy.

Sleepwell’s rolled-up pillows are available as Naturalle and Impressions. Each comes in two variants – Regular and Curved, which provides the best ergonomic comfort choice that adapts to the head and neck.

The ‘Naturalle’ range of pillows is a 100% natural product and ‘Impression’ range of pillows is made with moulded technology which enhances durability.