Prepare Your School For More Interactive and Collaborative Distance Learning with BenQ’s EZWrite Live

Prepare Your School For More Interactive and Collaborative Distance Learning with BenQ’s EZWrite Live

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21 June 2020, (AETOSWire) – The changes in the current Education landscape is apparent, and the sudden transition to distance learning has been quite an interesting journey for most schools and colleges, staff and students alike. A part of its comprehensive education solutions, BenQ introduces EZWrite Live, a unique online whiteboard app that has been specially designed to facilitate cloud collaboration and remote learning to make lessons more engaging and impactful. The web-based EZWrite Live can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and be integrated with any video conferencing with no need for teachers to install any additional software. It supports online whiteboarding along with sticky notes feature as well to facilitate remote interactions and collaborations. EZWrite Live is unlike an IFP’s Cloud Whiteboard. It doesn’t need an IFP so teachers can easily upload their teaching material (PDF, image files) that is saved on their own computers. It doesn’t necessarily have to connect to a cloud storage for this purpose.

BenQ’s EZWrite Live makes sure that teachers do not need to stop sharing their screens to open a whiteboarding app. As video conferencing and online whiteboarding can exist at the same time with this tool. It allows teachers and students to collect, categorize, edit, and share ideas between their devices without geographic restrictions and user limits, making it perfect for remote learning.

Teachers can utilize EZWrite Live to import teaching materials or use it as a cloud whiteboard. The integrated video conferencing simulates the classroom experience and boosts interactivity. The interactive tool is packed with teacher and student-friendly features and allows instant access to the cloud wherein teachers can directly download and upload files to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. This convenient cloud access is exclusive to EZWrite and makes supremely comfortable for teachers to modify their materials. It is a hassle to save notes one by one when the teacher is annotating on their screen, so EZWrite Live lets teachers import their teaching materials and annotate on them. Students can then download all the things at the end of class.

Teachers can also provide one-on-one online tutoring with this service as it has built-in video conferencing that enables teachers and students to conduct a private lesson or consultation according to students’ learning status. Combining cloud storage and collaboration tools, EZWrite 5 offers a plethora of teaching tools that help create better learning environments for each student in the comfort of their homes. BenQ is offering a free trial of the web-based tool during the lockdown to help more and more educators access a solution that significantly improves the quality of online teaching.

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