MaxData is the first reverse bidding marketplace where service providers find and pay consumers using blockchain technology.

Using the platform, consumers anonymously provide information regarding the services they are looking for, allowing service providers to see exactly what offers consumers will be interested in. Service providers can then craft a
tailor-made offer to send consumers while saving time and money on their
acquisition efforts. These savings allow service providers to drastically lower
consumers’ cost of living by reducing prices for services (such as insurance,
communication, utilities or financial services).

MaxData’s revolutionary platform effectively saves businesses and consumers billions of dollars a year.

Currently, one of the biggest problems facing the service economy is the massive inefficiencies in the marketing of services. With so many competitors vying for the attention of billions of consumers, service providers must hire the marketing services of the giant data corporations. However, such services are expensive. These rising costs end up being rolled into the final prices, consumers everywhere must pay. By using the blockchain – currently the most exciting innovation in the tech scene – we allow anonymized transactions to occur directly between customers and suppliers without involving any of the data middlemen. MaxData users simply provide information regarding services they use/need – such as mortgages, loans, electricity, gas, phones etc. and tell us how much they are currently paying for them. This data is encrypted and published anonymously on our platform.

This is when the ‘magic’ happens. Service providers can use the information to identify customers directly and without any expensive middlemen. The two sides can close a cheaper deal. As more and more of these service transactions close directly, we will see dramatic reductions in users’ cost of living.

What is truly amazing about this idea is that it benefits both sides – the consumer and the service providers. Service providers can find customers Reddit Twitter Medium LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Telegram easily and cheaply. Instead of wasting money on advertising with the hope of reaching the right user with the right offer at the right time, service providers scan our anonymized blockchain to understand customers’ exact wants and needs. Once done, they build offers that perfectly fit these anonymous users and can send them a one-time offer by paying these users our MXD tokens for access to their temporary inbox.

Consumers, on the other hand, can find good services easily while enjoying cheaper prices. Instead of having to spend their limited time on searching for deals and filtering spam and aggressive salespeople, consumers can simply upload their data and wait for the perfect deal to come to them.


Users receive offers from companies that improve the offer they currently have. They can then choose to accept or reject this offer and complete this transaction with the click of a button, efficient and hassle-free.

Even after this first transaction, the platform continues to offer advantages. The blockchain platform continuously updates, meaning users can be automatically offered any new offers that improve their current contract, Constantly reducing the users’ cost of living.

MaxData is not just a business – It’s a movement. It’s a call for change in the way our data is held and used. It’s a revolution against the power that the large corporations hold over each and every one of us.


Our dream at MaxData is that one day all business will be conducted this way – right across the globe. This will remove the need for expensive data-supply chains which, in turn, will reduce prices for us all. And it is starting to happen right now!

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