Defacing of Federal Party SA – FPSA Election Boards

Federal Party SA - FPSA
Federal Party SA - FPSA

Section 92 of the Electoral Act 73 of 1998 was transgressed in eThekwini, Ward 31, when more than 20 Federal Party SA – FPSA election placards of Mr. Adams, for the 1 November 2021 Local Elections, were removed, recently. One board was defaced and another cut in half. According to section 98 (b) of the Electoral Act, the penalty against transgression of section 92, is a fine or imprisonment up to 5 years. The transgressions were reported to the Police and the Independent Electoral Commission.

Choosing between Democratic Imperialism and Democratic Self-determination is an important choice for voters. Imperialism includes despotic “Unity”, not respecting others’ self-determination. Real self-determination includes respect for others self-determination.

FPSA promotes self-determination for liberals in multilingual regions and conservatives in unilingual regions, whilst anyone may live anywhere if s/he respects the local laws. Respect for both liberals and conservatives are important, because they have different functions in the economy. Currently liberal democratic imperialist policy, only favouring the liberal side of the economy, causes unemployment. FPSA promotes a new system, similar to the system instituted in Switzerland, after a civil war there. FPSA promotes small central government, because a central government cannot respect all the cultures in South Africa, due to South Africa’s diversity. South Africa can only be governed well with decentralised governance, whilst respecting the Constitution.

More information about the policy of FPSA can be found on FPSA’s website.

Mr. John Baloyi and Mr. Marquard Pienaar are candidates for FPSA in Tshwane, on all the ward and proportional ballot papers. In eThekwini, Mr. Hamid Adams is a candidate for FPSA in Ward 31.

All votes on all the ballot papers count, to elect FPSA for proportional representation in Tshwane and Ward 31 in eThekwini. Counting votes works as follows: All the votes are counted on all the ballot papers. If more votes were brought out than the number of ward councillors elected for a party, the rest of the votes count for proportional representation. It is interesting that currently in Tshwane, only the ANC and DA have ward councillors elected during previous elections. The other parties only have proportional councillors. If enough votes are garnered for FPSA for ward and/or more than two proportional representatives in Tshwane, by-elections will be held after the 1 November elections.