Beautiful News is changing lives and making a positive impact on the community

Beautiful News is changing lives and making a positive impact on the community

Beautiful News is an authentic vision of South Africa presented to its people, sharing stories of positivity, power and inspiration through films and photographs. By showcasing the inspirational moments of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, it has become apparent to persons from all over the world that they can also get involved and make a positive difference to the lives of others.

In April this year the video ( of Zahier Davids, the brainchild of Flywheels Custom Chariots was released on Beautiful News. In under two months, the film has reached an audience of 170 823 viewers on the multimedia platform. Thereafter he says he received an independent entry to participate in the Eskom Business and Investment Competition.

Founder of Nkazimulo Applied Sciences, Bathabile Mpofu, found a gap in the market to create a science kit called ChemStart for high school learners. Since the launch of her video ( totalling 173 149 views to date,  the audience response drew the attention an investor who is interested in establishing a partnership with Mpofu.

Shoemaker and designer Dhiantha Achary of Tommy Takkies, reported a significant increase in orders from South Africa and abroad for her footwear since her video was released over a month ago. Watch her video here.

Sunshine Cinema reported that Buhle Sithela was selected by the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy after the Beautiful News film was released ( The academy is a launch pad for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities. This film has become one of the most successful Beautiful News videos to date with more than 341 197 views on its host site. The content captivated supporters earning Sithela the recognition of benefactors. With their backing his dream of bringing cinema to lesser-resourced urban suburbs is within reach.

There are hundreds of other stories where Beautiful News has made a profound impact and is affecting change by harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans and their ability to overcome adversity. The outreach has helped lesser-known individuals who are striving to make a positive impact to spread their message of hope, thereby creating a ripple effect for others to offer their assistance in support of each other.

As a result, the creators of Beautiful News, Ginkgo Agency, will be registering social entrepreneurs and licensed non-profits on the GivenGain website ( This will enable up-starters and charities to generate income via crowd-funding initiatives and create awareness among a larger pool of people and corporates looking for ways to make a difference.

Thus far African Honey Bee:; Seeds of Light  and Yenzanathi Community Upliftment Project: have been listed on the fundraising platform.

They have also reaped the rewards of this campaign reaching 158 237; 188 221 and 165 912 views respectively on the Beautiful News hub. The numbers demonstrate the power and impact of Beautiful News on reaching and engaging with audiences to elicit a direct response.

Since its release on Feb 26, the Soweto Equestrian Centre video: has over 250 000 Facebook hits and continues to grow. This is testament to the engaging and, at times, viral content, that allows conversations to live and continue beyond the digital medium.

Beautiful News will continue releasing one short film per day at 4.14pm, unearthing stories across the country and capturing the diverse set of voices and uniqueness of South Africa.


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