A free to join knowledge-sharing panel discussion on “Decoding the myths of fire stopping in MEP services.”

A free to join knowledge-sharing panel discussion on “Decoding the myths of fire stopping in MEP services.”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16 August 2020, (AETOSWire): fischer, the pioneer in fixing and firestop solutions, has teamed up with industry experts on a knowledge-sharing panel discussion “Decoding the myths of fire stopping in MEP services” by Senior project engineer Jonathan J. Gonzalez of Underwriters Laboratories and Muzaffer Ahmed Syed, the regional manager for firestop from fischer MEA as panelists, 18th August 2.00PM UAE time.

fischer strongly believes that knowledge sharing should be a core function of every organization, and they conduct free online seminars, workshops, and much more.

fischer’s online seminars delve into the current and most engaging topics surrounding the Middle East’s building sector as an additional value add to a broader regional audience and wishes to spread the knowledge.

The importance of this topic comes from the recent accidents in the region makes it essential to discuss and educate the engineers of the field as fire is both good & bad considering the place/time where & when it comes. The history of construction has ample examples of fire stop failures. Many iconic buildings were in the headlines because of application failure due to fire! Fire stopping is one of the hottest topics in the construction industry, yet it is one of the most misunderstood and neglected components worldwide!

We cannot avoid fire, but we can prevent the spread of flame, smoke, and toxic gases and help the smooth entry of firefighters, the safe exit of inmates, and considerably reduce the damage caused by the fire. This can be done by the practical application of both Active & Passive fire stopping products and constant monitoring.

Fire stopping is no more a complicated concept when you understand the Codes, standards, get expert technical advice, or handled by industries best brand like fischer!!

The panel discussion will throw light on the Codes & standards that define fire stopping in MEP, Different types of testing Methods, Certifications that are required, and various solutions of fire stopping for MEP services

This Panel Discussion is suitable for Architects, Fire engineers, Project engineers, Project owners, Civil engineers, and Applicators.

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