Reliable power for gate motors for dependable security

Reliable power for gate motors for dependable security
Reliable power for gate motors for dependable security. Image source: Pixabay

The decrease in robberies during strict lockdown restrictions, doesn’t mean you can stop prioritising the safety and security of your properties and people, especially as crime tends to increase over the festive season.

“When it comes to security, we should never be complacent. Even when there’s a decrease in crime stats,” said Jason Ravenscroft, a battery specialist, who understands standby power solutions. “People won’t always be at home or at their businesses to prevent robberies or burglaries from happening, which is why an extra layer of precaution is necessary, especially over the festive season,” he said.

Electric gates are not only an effective security measure, they’re also convenient and reduce opportunities for criminals. “With the click of a remote or cellphone, people can safely enter and exit their properties, and not run the risk of being soft targets as they manually open and close their gates,” Jason added.

Another benefit of electric gates is their versatility. Some have infrared beams that can alert security companies of loitering.

For these security features to function however, they need reliable, powerful, and high-performance batteries to ensure seamless functioning even during loadshedding or power outages.

How does a gate motor battery work?

The battery powers the motor when there’s no electricity—as a result of load shedding or power failure—ensuring you’re not stranded outside or inside and fall prey to opportunistic criminals. The battery recharges when grid power is available, so it’s ready for use the next time the power goes out.

Signs your battery may be giving in

Well-maintained gate motor batteries should last between two to three years. One of the first signs that the battery isn’t running at its optimal level is when the gate starts to run slow (while using battery power). Another sign is when the gate doesn’t completely open or close and gets stuck on the rails.

A voltage test will accurately inform you of a failing battery.

Three tips for preserving a gate motor battery

South Africa’s battery specialists suggest the following maintenance tips,

  1. Regular battery checks. At least twice a year.
  2. Ensure the terminals are clean and free of build-up and dirt to prevent power flow interruption.
  3. Terminals are connected correctly.

There are many reliable and excellent quality batteries available for gate motors, some of which require minimal maintenance, have a long life, and are ideal for enhancing your security system. To find the best battery for your needs, search for a specialist here. For more information visit