You are the only constant in your life

You are the only constant in your life
Jacqueline Raw

Three Personal Transformation Musts!   

When you’ve been through a difficult season personally or professionally, it’s sometimes easier to externalize the reasons for failure. Easy, but not helpful. When everyone else and everything else is the reason you’re not where you need to be, you become the victim. Jacqueline van Rooijen a Personal Transformation Coach shares three personal transformation musts that will take you from having a victim mentality to a victor mentality.

1. Own your mistakes

Externalizing ownership of failure leads absolutely nowhere. If everything that’s gone wrong is someone or something else’s fault, you become helpless. But, when you choose to rather take full ownership of where you are, then you step into your power and are able to take control. The reality is that you are the only constant in your life – so if things keep falling apart – you need to know that you’re the only common denominator.  Start by taking control of your thoughts. Our internal narrative plays a powerful role in guiding our actions, so when we choose to think on purpose, we are able to weave the narrative we choose. If you feel yourself spiralling into negativity, find the one positive truth in your situation and play that on repeat.

2. Make friends with failure

YOU WILL FAIL – A LOT – AND FREQUENTLY. Get over it. Get on with it. Seriously. Failure is not final, it’s not the end of your journey – all it is an opportunity to receive feedback around where you’re going wrong so that you can correct and pivot. There is not one successful entrepreneur or world icon that has not fallen flat on their face more times than they can count. Brace for it. Prepare yourself emotionally for it so that when it happens it doesn’t flatten you and you can recover quickly and gracefully. Resilience is cultivated in the moments when it’s hardest to get back up again, the more you’re able to do that, the greater your chances of creating the life you truly want.

3. Don’t make excuses

Seriously, just don’t. It’s not even about making excuses to other people – who cares about that right now – it’s about letting yourself off the hook with lame excuses about why you “can’t this” or why you “can’t that”. Excuses will keep you operating so far below your potential that if you’re not able to be stronger than your strongest excuse, you’ll never be able to unlock the insane amount of untapped potential you have. We often choose the path of least resistance, that’s human nature. If you want more than what you have now if you want to drain every last ounce of opportunity from this life, then you have to work to transcend your nature, stop making excuses for yourself and get serious about going after what you want.

“Personal Transformation does not come without pain, but then neither does staying the same. You’ve got to choose your pain,” concludes Jacqui.