Younilook – The revolutionary innovation that allows you to look your best!

Remember the good old days when we did our best to try to look older? Those days may be far gone, but with age comes wisdom, grace, a better understanding of the world and our place in it – and a subtler approach to makeup, too. Sure, age is just a number, but you can take years off your face by using the right makeup products and application. The trick is, as always, to enhance your best features and embrace your natural beauty.

But, as anyone who has presbyopia would know, it can be really tricky to apply makeup perfectly when you have to remove the very glasses you need to see properly. Presbyopia is the age-related, gradual decrease in your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects. And it’s not only when applying makeup that you need a closer look;  men who shave or anyone who wears contact lenses will also know the frustration of not being able to see your face clearly in the mirror.

Enter the Younilook: a tool that lets the mirror wear your glasses. It’s a patented device radically different to anything else on the market. It’s easy to use and consists of an extendable arm that adheres to a mirror, to which you add a pair of lenses, thereby allowing a magnified, corrected, unimpeded image of your face. There’s a built-in light for use if required and four different lenses, spanning the range of refraction errors from 1.0 to 3.75.

Unlike magnifying mirrors, Younilook’s unique lenses correct both eyes simultaneously for you to see perfectly in focus, free of any distortions. You’re in control: simply change the amount of magnification you want by moving closer or further away from the lenses.

The Younilook is the brainchild of Benedicte Roumega, a naturalized Capetonian. Four years in the making, the Younilook provides a simple yet ingenious solution to a challenge that used to leave so many of us in a double bind: needing spectacles to see ourselves clearly in the mirror but reduced to squinting, guessing and, too often, messing it all up.

The Younilook has been adopted internationally and it is now also available in South Africa on Takealot ( with a recommended retail price of R695.


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