Natasha Theledi
Meet Natasha Theledi, an entrepreneur with big dreams and an even bigger heart, making big business moves in Midrand, Johannesburg.
As the owner of WAXIT Polofields, Natasha boasts a business mind, driven by enthusiasm and goals that embody the true essence of a hardworking entrepreneur. Her store has grown from strength to strength, which focuses solely of the art of waxing and smooth skin.
With stores; in Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal; WAXIT, is a popular wax bar defined as a refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smooth. WAXIT have created a place where men and women alike can go to wax it expertly and discreetly, free from the intrusions that come with visiting full service salons.
But what does it take to run a successful business in the heart of Midrand, at Polofields Crossing? We caught up with Natasha Theledi and got insight into her entrepreneurial mindset.
As a businesswoman, where do you draw daily inspiration from?
Natasha: By partnering with like-minded and successful business owners who inspire me by their success stories as well as support and motivate me along the way. They help inspire and hold me accountable to my business goals through valuable advice and practices
What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur and businesswoman?
Natasha: As an entrepreneur I enjoy all the opportunities to challenge myself through investing in my own leadership ideas, abilities and efforts. Because it was a conscious decision to make a living doing what I love, I tend to enjoy the satisfaction of running a business that I truly believe in, and I am always fascinated by the new knowledge that I learn along the way to keep the business on track.
As the owner of a WAXIT franchise, what does it mean to you to be a vital part of the brand’s growth and success?
Natasha: Being a part of the WAXIT franchise’s growth and success is a great feeling of accomplishment because I believe in the brand’s increasing potential, longevity and success. It is a brand that continues to spark my interest and manages to keep me motivated and optimistic about the future of the waxing industry.
How do you deal with the stresses of daily life?
Natasha: I would say that keeping a positive mindset and developing great endurance during challenges, together with living a healthy and balanced lifestyle has definitely helped me keep up with all the stresses of daily life effectively
WAXIT Polofields
WAXIT Polofields
How do you find the perfect balance between work, personal life and all the daily admin and duties? 
Natasha: By simply keeping all aspects of my life in working order through the right amount of planning and remaining organised in a way that is committed and disciplined every step of the way.
What drew you to the WAXIT brand and ideally, to the idea of opening up your own branch?
Natasha: “I am a unique and driven individual who is willing to confidently take risks when I see great potential in the risk” — The WAXIT brand is vibrant, sophisticated and relatively designed to appeal to affluent consumers which sets it apart as an immediate best choice. I decided to open my own branch solely because of the vision of the brand coupled with my genuine appreciation for the waxing service as well as its ability to be a profitable business venture overall. 
What was your journey to becoming a WAXIT businessowner like?
Natasha: The journey has been exciting and has proven to be a great opportunity to learn more about owning a business. It has its challenges that come with operating a business but the rewards of running a WAXIT franchise far outweighs the difficulties. This is because I am passionate about our service, and it has also afforded me the lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise my family while maintaining a successful career.
WAXIT Polofields
WAXIT Polofields
What do you lend the success of your brand to?
Natasha: I would lend the success of our brand to the positive image WAXIT embodies because it stands out as a major player, our outstanding brand marketing strategies and our ability to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Also, I would say that the quality of our products and services have contributed to the overall success of our brand.
What vital advice and support did you gain from the team in the opening stages?
Natasha: The advice I have I learned is that the strengths and dynamics of my team can directly affect business outcomes. This means that when my team members value each other’s strengths, they effectively relate to one another, avoid potential conflicts, boost group cohesion and create positive dialogue. The support from the team included training and skills through franchise stores synergies.
With more woman starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs in our country, what advice would you give them when facing hardships and challenges?
Natasha: Yes, being an entrepreneur can be challenging. But despite the hardships and despair — there is great purpose behind what you’re doing. Therefore, my advice is to keep in mind that the true strength of business success lays in the willingness to endure during the hard times because in the end, there is great benefit and success, and it makes the entire journey worthwhile!
WAXIT Polofields
WAXIT Polofields
What makes your location ideal for your store? 
Natasha: Polofields Crossing presents a diverse range of shops, there is something for everyone, and it is enjoyed by the young and old alike. The shopping centre attracts people from all different kinds of backgrounds and offers popular shops, entertainment and restaurants with plenty of light and a spacious garden-style walkaway. The centre caters to families with children and to all surrounding communities at large, targeting the whole family, tourists, beauty lovers and moms. Thus, making the Polofields location ideal as it is also situated in the most sought after upmarket residential areas of Midrand.
Who are you when the clock strikes 17h00 and your business doors close and your “boss-hat” comes off? 
Natasha: I am a mother, I love cooking and spending time with family.
What’s the best piece of ‘business’ advice you have ever received?
Natasha: The best business advice I have ever received is that no one succeeds in business alone. Thus, it is important to build a great team to help increase growth and continuously impact performance. In addition, to heed the best business advice from successful entrepreneurs who’ve already made it in the same industry.
What are the 3 most important must-haves for the perfect business recipe? 
Natasha: Firstly, good leadership as it is the driving force behind any business. Secondly, the right vision is imperative because it sets the course of the business. Thirdly, a quality product and service that can sell and deliver successful results.
What do you look for in a staff members, aka your WAXITologists? 
Natasha: I look for professionalism in my WAXITologists as brand ambassadors, including passion in waxing coupled with the ability to provide an enjoyable and excellent customer service experience.
Looking back, what has been one of the greatest highlights in your career to date and why?
Natasha: When I became the owner of WAXIT Polofields with the aim to establish value-driven sales and increase profit as well as secure long-term success over quick wins.
With so much of business having gone technological, how do you remain unique and on top of trends?
Natasha: By being committed to my vision and goals while keeping an open mind to learn and adapt to new contemporary social trends and changes. Thus, I believe the use of social media is  the best ways today to ensure relevance and sustainability in these technological contemporary times.
Describe your perfect customer?
Natasha: My perfect customer is someone who finds value and satisfaction in our products and services on a long-term basis as well as have a desire to recommend our services to others.
WAXIT Polofields
WAXIT Polofields
At WAXIT, they make sure that before and after your wax, your skin is cleansed, waxed, nourished and soothed. Their WAXITologists® are always available, professional and discreet. Plus, WAXIT offers additional treatments that aren’t available at “multi-functional” salons.
Worried about privacy? Don’t be! Their WAXITologists® are there to make your experience as comfortable as possible. They’ll lend you their ears if you would like to chat, but if you would like to relax, their rooms are equipped with music to help you relax.
Whether it’s low-rise jeans, itsy bitsy bikinis or button downs, WAXIT makes sure you achieve your best look – smooth.
You can find Natasha at Shop 13, Polofields Crossing. Cnr Polofields Drive & Waterfall Drive, Waterfall, Midrand, 1682.