Will Hair Extensions Damage My Roots? How do I Protect Them?

Hair extensions change the look of every woman from a lob to an elegant queen instantly. It helps you improve your hairstyle by adding volume, color and length. However, according to hair experts, this hairstyle can damage your natural hair or cause hair loss if precautions are not taken.

Most extensions and weaves require the natural hair pulled tightly and dermatologists say that constant strain leads to breakage and fall out of hair strands. If nothing is done, eventually, they damage the hair follicles and cause permanent hair loss.

Fortunately, it is possible to get your dream hair sewn in hair extensions and avoid all these issues. Here are some precautions, which should be taken if you want to enjoy this hairstyle without harming your natural hair.

How to Protect Your Hair from Being Damaged by Hair Extensions

1. Take Care of Your Natural Hair

Before you install sew in hair extensions, it is crucial to take care of your natural hair. It should be cleaned thoroughly and deep conditioned to keep it moisturized and prevent brittleness. This is the best hair care routine during, in-between and after wearing extensions or a weave. It keeps the hair strong and healthy.

2. Get Light Extensions

Most women buy hair extensions because they look good. However, it’s the worst mistake, especially when they end up with an extension heavier than their natural hair. The weight stresses the hairline and leads to hair thinning. You should get light extensions that won’t strain your hairline.

3. Have Your Hair Done By A Professional

Always make sure a professional hair stylist does your hair. You shouldn’t feel pain or get a headache afterwards unless it’s too tight.  You shouldn’t leave the beauty salon with a hairstyle that pains; tight hairstyles are the leading cause of alopecia, which leaves you with permanent hair loss.

4. Protect the Edges

The edges have fragile baby hairs, and they should not be strained by your weave or hair extensions.  Apply water-based gels and avoid heated styling to keep your edges looking good.

5. Switch Hairstyles

Your hair needs a break, wearing hair extensions, continuously will make it weak, cause thinning and eventually hair loss. Explore other hairstyles without these hair additions, and you will avoid unnecessary hair breakage and brittleness.

6. Have the Extensions Removed with Care

The best way to have the weave or extensions removed is by visiting your hairstylist. Yanking the extensions out will damage hair strands because they are usually integrated with the hair.

After removing the sew in hair extensions; wash it with a quality sulfate-free shampoo and deep condition it with a protein-rich hair conditioner to strengthen it. A hair specialist should do this for excellent results. Besides, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated to help with hair growth.

Remember to handle the hair with care and keep it clean all the time. When combing it, use a wide-toothed comb and avoid heat-based styles and go for least harsh options. These simple tips will keep your hair shiny, healthy and looking good all the time, despite wearing hair extensions.

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