Styling different Indian ethnic outfits for different occasions


The Indian fashion industry is changing but we still continue to incorporate traditional costume into the new modern styles. Traditional attire is cultural and subtle but that does not mean you can’t create a sophisticated edgy look from it. There are so many styles you can do when it comes to mixing ethnic Indian wear and other fashion styles o give modern and trendy styles.

Here are some of the ways you can have fun with your wardrobe to create an array of modern chic looks

Capes and ponchos

Capes ponchos and jackets are one of the fashionable styles this year. You can never go wrong with throw-on and cover ups. There so many ways you can wear them with Indian wear to create a unique and fun look. People have been incorporating jackets into their outfit to make a trendy streetwear fashion. Ponchos and capes are teamed with Indian dresses to create a fashion statement.

You can wear a long flowing cape over a choli and lehenga ensemble to create a flowing outfit that is suitable for cultural events and festivities. The same can be achieved through pairing a sheer. You can achieve another traditional look by adding a matching sheer poncho to a salwar kameez. This look is fashionable, glamorous and eye-catching, a good way to turn heads at such a ceremony.

How to mix up a lehenga

Are you tired of wearing the same lehenga and choli combinations? You can mix it up in a modern fashionable style to create a lehenga suit. A lehenga is a full-pleated ground sweeping skirt.

Lehenga suit is made by combining a midi sized kameez with a color-coordinated lehenga. A kameez is a long tunic, usually thigh-high and is normally paired with a salwar. Who said mixing traditional outfits can’t be fashionable? This is a smart trend that gives you a glamorous yet traditional look. Skirt ensembles are perfect during summer as well as winter. They are very easy to dress. Long dresses are fluttering to Indian culture and traditions. They are perfect for so many occasions depending on their material and designs.

A lehenga with a choli top can be covered using a long kurti jacket for winter seasons. Other kurti, lehenga designs include pairing a lehenga with a kurti from stylecaret to create a complete ensemble. If you are wearing a low pleated skirt, make sure you match it with a close fitting top. Wearing a loose fitting top will make you look shapeless. a simple body hugging top will do the trick. If you are wearing a straight tight skirt you need a loose top to break the monotony. You can turn this into a more westernized look by wearing a t-shirt, a denim shirt and some types of jacket. This will give you the street fashion look.

How you can style different skirts

Skirts are difficult to style sometimes. Make sure you chose the right outfit to match with your skirt. Most Indian skirts are fit to wear at weddings and Indian festivals.
Instead of a choli, you can use an embroidered blouse which gives it a nice Indian touch. With the proper accessories you can rock this to a wedding or just a simple casual event.

Wear knee-length skirts and midi skirts with low-cut kurti. A Ghaghara combined with a waist-length kurti jacket can be worn to college and while on a daily routine.

Change up your pants

Pants come in a variety of designs and colors. Palazzo, jeggings, jeans, leggings, culottes and cigarette pants can be used to switch up the traditional look into a modern trend. Leggings are popular and can be used with basic everyday style. You can switch up your top by pairing it with different pants every other time you wear them
Culottes are made for people with a busy schedule. You can pair them with a kurti top and some sandals for a comfortable day while you are running your errands.
Palazzo can be created into multiple styles. They can be paired with a matching fancy midi-kurti to create a sophisticated style for festivals and Hindu ceremonies

What jacket goes with your outfit?

You can switch up modern attire by throwing on a traditional jacket and vice versa. A simple jeans and t-shit can be switched up by throwing on a sherwani jacket to make it look more stylish and ethnical. In the same way you can throw on denim jacket on a kurta pajama ensemble to make to it look more casual and relaxed

Indian Jewellery

Ancient jewellery is an essential part of fashion in India. Ancient jewellery was used in cultural events and festivities. Indians used to give gifts in form of jewellery in weddings and birthdays. Gold is presented to women at different stages of their lives. Before a wedding, the bride is presented with gold chains, bangles and necklaces. In the modern fashion industry, jewellery is used for decorative purposes during cultural festivities. You will find most people in weddings wearing big stud necklaces and chunky golden chains. Jewellery brings out the beauty in the Indian attire.

How to style scarves

A scarf can be a nice addition to attire. Indians scarf make casual outfits look pretty. The jamawar scarf combines modern and traditional aspects. The jamawar scarf is made of wool and was used by royalty in the ancient times for festive occasions. You can use silk scarves with casual tops for a fashionable look.


Traditional shoes have a unique design and style to them. Jootis and sandals have been around for ages! You can style your traditional outfit with old Indian footwear to form a complete look. You can pair male jootis with Sherwani and pajama pants for a completely traditional wedding look.

You can use modern show designs to add an edge to your traditional outfit. You can pair a kurta dress with knee-length boots to create a chic streetwear design that is modern and sophisticated.


Ethnic wear is fashionable and easy to style. You can combine different modern and traditional outfits to create a fashionable ensemble. When pairing an outfit remember to keep in mind the colors and design for a better finished look.

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