Rejuvenate Your Skin and Make the Years Simply Fall off

To rejuvenate, put simply, is to renew. Rejuvenating the skin calls for a variety of treatments that work on ian or a plastic surgeon with a clean track record. A good dermatologist may also recommend your skin, making it look refreshed and younger. You can get the treatments from a qualified beautify products that you can use.

Who doesn’t want renewed skin? It gives you such a fresh, youthful look and makes you feel like you have a new beginning. You must be careful, however, because using products that are harsh on your skin can have a rather negative effect on you. Then your attempt at rejuvenating goes splat! On your face.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation

There are both surgical and non-surgical methods of skin rejuvenation. The surgical ones are procedures that are performed by plastic surgeons. They include procedures such as facelifts and eyelid lifts. Performed only one time, these procedures are long-term and produce dramatic improvements. You must be careful with the doctor you choose for these procedures. You do not want a ‘botched’ experience. The non-surgical procedures are multiple and are done repeatedly. The results usually last only as long as the products are still in action.

Non-Surgical Treatments

These are mostly topical treatments. The consultant analyzes your skin to determine your skin type, and which products and treatments are best suited for it. They also determine how they will approach your skin treatments depending on age-related characteristics. You will, therefore, find that treatments differ from patient to patient. This is because skin types are different, and everyone’s skin ages in its own unique way.

Other non-surgical skin procedures include:

  • Vascular: this treatment clears the appearance of reds and browns on the skin, like ‘spider veins’, using vascular laser treatments.
  • Skin resurfacing: this is also known as a chemical peel. It smoothes out the outer layers of the skin thus lessening the appearance of wrinkles and other fine lines. It also improves the appearance of scars, including acne scars.
  • Skin tightening: the experts increase the density of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen using treatments that tighten the skin.
  • Skincare products: most of these are over the counter products that you find in beauty shops. They are promoted by various celebrities and supermodels. There are some that should probably be recommended by dermatologists. They have medicinal elements such as hydroquinone and retinol.
  • Neuromodulators: these include Botox and Dysport. They are injectables that are used to clear wrinkles, especially those that form around the mouth.
  • Anti-aging: laser technology has advanced this far. This, however, is a relatively new area, but it is gaining ground.
  • Sunscreen: While this may not reverse the effects of aagingon the skin, it slows down the process. Always have some sunscreen with you and use it religiously, whether you are out in the sun or not.

Skin rejuvenation is possible and the effects are long-term especially for the surgical methods. However, even the non-surgical ones can last for a long time if they are done repeatedly, and by consultants who have the training and experience in this field.

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