Makeup Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2019

Makeup Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2019
Makeup Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2019

The Spring 2019 fashion shows have spoken and the latest makeup trends are out there. So if you wanna rock the Friday night party with the top beauty trends and looks, then you have to stay on top of your makeup game.

Whether you’re an upcoming makeup artist or just a girl next door who wants her eyes to look perfect and trendy, here’s what you need to keep in mind about the makeup trends of the new year.

  1. Pink Blush

The bronze blush trend of summer is over and shades of pink are ready to take over the cheeks. The spring 2019 fashion shows saw the models donning a warm peach tone on their cheeks. It was used as contour on the cheek bones, across the temple or upto the eyebrow bone as well. It gave a beautiful, feminine and rosy look to all the models.

  1. Low Contour

Contouring was seen to be low on all the models that walked the ramp of the fall/winter 2018-2019 fashion shows. The bold, deep contouring styles were rarely seen on the ramp and it may be time now to try out the subtle contouring that only highlights the natural shape of your face.

  1. Foundation

This season the application of foundation was seen to be of the natural skin tones of the models. The shades of pale and beige seemed to be a favourite at these fashion shows. So 2019, will see a lot of natural skin tones of foundation.

  1. The No-Makeup Look

The makeup look of no makeup at all, is a new and a popular trend set to take over the beauty looks of 2019. The minimalist, barely there look is going to be very famous among the ladies of 2019. This look is extremely easy to achieve too. You just need to cleanse your face, moisturise it and walk out with your head held high. This no makeup look goes extremely well with a bold hairstyle and outfit. It’s also perfect to give the message of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

  1. Black and Blue Eyeliner Trends

Black eyeliner or kohl has been a basic beauty trend for a long time and seems to be going nowhere anytime soon. Black eyeliner is a classic in makeup and beauty and rightly so because it gives the perfect sophisticated look to your eyes and goes with almost anything and everything. This look was widely used by designers in the form of subtle and thick lines as well. Whether it’s a liquid gel or a pencil, kohl is a popular choice for the 2019 makeup looks.

Blue is not going to be left far behind and it was quite a favourite on the ramp. The dynamic and mysterious look of a blue eye liner has made it a popular trend for next year. Many designers chose this colour on their models and successfully gave their eyes a rich, aquamarine look.


Makeup trends of 2019 seem to be more inclined towards natural tones and bold eyes. The deep and overdone contouring, foundation and highlighting will be seen less in 2019 and these will be replaced by more subtle and natural looking tones. Bold eye makeup with black eyeliner or kohl will be widely used to experiment with thinner lines and thicker paints. But if the makeup trends of 2019 had to be defined in one line, it would be to feel confident in your own skin.