Makeup Tips and Tricks

Makeup Tips and Tricks
Makeup Tips and Tricks. Photo: Pixabay

Makeup is not only about applying lipstick or mascara. There is much more to makeup than you can ever imagined! There are in fact several techniques involved when applying makeup. These make it easier and quicker to apply makeup on the face. So, if you want to learn how to do makeup like a professional, the tips and tricks detailed below will be useful.


Do you apply makeup without a foundation? Then you are skipping a very important step! Use a brush to cover your skin partially or fully. But if you want a sheer coverage, make use of your finger to apply the foundation on your face. Do you know that you can also mix your foundation with some argan oil? This mixture in fact makes your skin more luminous. So, if you are attending a party this evening, your face will be glowing!


No idea where to apply the concealer? For a start, never apply a concealer or a base on your eyelids or under your eyes, as this will crease your eye makeup! It makes your eyes look dry. Make use of a concealer which is thick enough and works well with powders. Alternatively, apply a moisturiser to your eyes first and the concealer next. However, remember to use such concealers before foundation.


Do you have shiny skin? Simply make use of powders! It is always a good idea to apply it on the shiniest areas of your face first, such as the forehead. You can then apply it to the other areas with a light dusting. Remember, a powder is not a foundation!

Avoid the mistake of applying powder all over your face and prioritise the shiniest areas. Go for a translucent loose setting powder which can soak up oil and complete your look without any creases. Choosing the right powder is essential as it must correspond to your skin complexion.


Before using a blush, consider your skin type. If you have a normal to oily skin, go for a powder or cream blush. However, avoid mixing textures. If you are using a powder foundation, opt for a powder blush and if you are using a cream foundation, pick a cream blush. The shade needs to correspond to your natural look when flushed.

The blush must match your lip colour as well. So, if you have a cool lip colour, make use of cool tone blushes. Warm tone blushes are best for warm lip colours. Wondering how to apply it? Simply smile when applying a blush. This will locate the apples of your cheeks, on which you will first apply it. Then, blend it all towards your hairline.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Is it always tricky to apply eyeliners and mascaras? Instead of looking straight at the mirror, come close to it while tilting your head up. Bring your chin towards the mirror and look down when applying the eyeliner. Start from the inner corner and work it all the way out to the edge of your eyelid. As for mascara, the best way to apply it is by sweeping the wand through the roots of your lashes and doing a zigzag movement as you work it all the way up. Want to thicken your lashes? Apply some talcum powder between the coats of mascara to lengthen and thicken them.


Apply lipstick evenly by starting at the cupid’s bow and extend it to the corners of your mouth before blotting. The shade of your lipstick must match your complexion, natural lip colour or outfit. Do you have dry lips? Apply a lip moisturiser before lining up your lips and applying the lipstick. Remember to use a natural lip liner as it matches all colours.

With these little tips and tricks, you can always apply makeup like a pro, particularly for special occasions. In this way, makeup becomes easier and quicker, while avoiding a mess.

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