How SA Ladies Shop

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How SA Ladies Shop

Zeeva shares some valuable statistics and shopping tips

There is no doubt that ladies (many, but not all of course) love shopping and also have to buy items/goods on a regular basis. In fact, research has shown that female consumers are South Africa’s most active online shoppers for example. Many women can relate that a bit of retail therapy, once in a while, is good for the soul. Zeeva had the privilege of conducting a 2017 Smart Women, Smart Money survey. And more than 3000 women, from across over South Africa, took part in this survey. Interesting enough, most of the women fall between the ages of 25 to 34. And over 2300 ladies live in the metro regions, namely: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. While the rest live in the other provinces that include: the Eastern Cape, Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and the Northern Cape.

When it comes to finances and shopping, there are a few similarities women share throughout South Africa, (see infographic):

Over 56% of women are in control of the household finances at home.

More than 61% of ladies search for specials and discounts before they make their way to a shopping centre or store.

South African ladies have similar debt that includes a clothing account, personal loan and credit card.

There are also a few differences found in the metro provinces compared to the other provinces, when it comes to ladies and shopping (see infographic):

The top five list of items women purchase to spoil themselves with, are the following in metro provinces and other provinces:

  1. Shoes                         Shoes
  2. Home Décor            Home Décor
  3. Accessories              Accessories
  4. Dining Out              Cookware
  5. Handbags               Handbags

In the metro regions more ladies make use of brochures or catalogues to find information on a product or service, than ladies from the other regions.

Only 38% of ladies, from the three metro provinces, tend to stick to their shopping lists in comparison to the other six regions’ ladies that show a higher percentage, namely 50%.

In relation to women, finance and shopping, Zeeva shares some handy tips to take into account when shopping:

If you can, make use of online shopping and save yourself from the temptations (unnecessary items) lurking around shopping malls/outlets. Make use of online stores like: Onlineshopping, Spree,, or Pick n Pay. You can even do some homework and compare prices via Oneshop for example.

Say NO to spontaneous shopping. Make a list, stick to your list and only buy the items you need. In the long run it can save you thousands.

Buy non-perishable goods in bulk. You can schedule to buy items like toiletries only two to three times a year. If you think about it, this can save you some money eight to ten months of the year.

Buy out-of-season clothes and make use of sales. You never know how many bargains you can strike when you keep an eye out for end of season sales. Take note – only make use of sales for items you really need. Just because it says ‘sale’ does not mean you have to give in and buy whatever you think feels great at the time.

Buy classic fashion pieces and stand out with unbranded clothes. Don’t blow your budget on branded clothing and extreme trends. Why not be unique and stand out from the crowd by adding accessories (you already have available) to your affordable and neutral colour outfit? You can also make use of some debt-free living tips to own a few pieces of clothing and wear it in a zillion different ways.

Try to save extra money each month by coming into the habit of using cash only. It all comes down to budget and planning. Carry only a few hundred rand with you to use when you really need to go to the store and stick to your list. Also plan your meal menu in advance – this can help you to avoid the grocery store during the week.

Smart shopping can still be fun for women of all ages and regions. Get into the habit of compiling a reasonable budget plan for yourself (and/or household) and practice some self-control by sticking to your meal plan, spoil-yourself spends and shopping list. If, however, the word ‘shopping’ makes you cringe because your debt pile is currently spiralling out of control, contact the Zeeva team. Zeeva is a debt management program designed especially by women for women.


About Zeeva:

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