Debt – Don’t Go It Alone

Debt - Don’t Go It Alone
Debt - Don’t Go It Alone

Has the month of Romance and Love left you a bit lonesome lately? Fending for your own finances perhaps? “There is nothing comfy about it and can therefore leave you feeling lonely and hopeless,” says Carla Oberholzer, spokesperson at Zeeva. It’s time to put an end to that feeling of isolation and time to stand firm, knowing: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

South Africa has over 25 million credit-active consumers as stated via the National Credit Regulator’s (NCR) Credit Bureau Monitor (Quarter 3, 2017 report). And, the number of consumers with impaired records (currently over 20 million) is increasing daily. Just take time to think about it: you are not the only person struggling with debt, millions have the same problem. THE GOOD NEWS – you don’t have to face the problem all by yourself.

Oberholzer recommends three important tips on ‘how to share your debt load’ and not to go it alone:

  1. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones – You need to have a clear picture of your debt obligations and monthly spending. As soon as everyone in your close circle is on the same page of what is going on with the household finances, you will know what financial goal you are all going to work towards in achieving.
  2. Tomorrow is too late, what about sorting things out now? – The sooner you ‘share your debt load’; the faster you can get yourself out of your debt-filled situation. Life happens – you don’t want to leave your loved ones with your mounting debt, do you? Make sure you consider the advantages of credit linked insurance.
  3. Talk is cheap, be a doer instead – Don’t just promise yourself or your loved ones that you will go and talk to someone about your situation. Go out and get the help you need. It is crucial to get professional help – contact an accredited Certified Financial Planner, your Banker or a Debt Counsellor that can assist you with effective debt and financial management.

Don’t feel hopeless because of your current debt-filled circumstances. Every debt problem has a solution; you don’t need to face it alone. For all the ladies: contact Zeeva by sending a free SMS with your name and ZEEVA to 30967. Zeeva can consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment. What are you waiting for?


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