Choosing Kanchipuram Silk Saree for Your Wedding Day

It’s the time of the year when you need to get ready for your wedding day. You have to look the best because after all, it’s your day. In South India brides always go for bold and stunningly beautiful sarees that will make them look no less than a queen. On a wedding day, every bride dreams of looking drop dead gorgeous. They want to get ready for the camera and for everyone to appreciate her beauty. That’s why South Indian weddings adorn Kanchipuram sarees, after all, what’s not to like about them. These sarees look stunning, they are available in bold bright colours and even have gold thread work. The broad golden borders make them look gorgeous. And when you pair it with a heavy blouse the spectators are left spell bounded.

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Some brides may want to wear only designer sarees but no one can take away the charm of a beautiful Kanchipuram silk saree. They are unique in their own way and who so ever wears it is surely going to attract a good amount of attraction. Kanchipuram saris are quintessential, they are beautiful and comfortable to wear. When you pair the saree with the right kind of jewellery, the complete attire looks unparalleled to any other dress or attire. Kanchipuram silk sarees are a must have in any South Indian Wedding. Without them no wedding is complete. shopping url:

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The history

The history of Kanchipuram silk sarees goes way back. It is said that the weavers of Kanchi silk were the descendants of the master weaver who used to weave for Sage Markanda deity. Kanchipuram is always considered to be the finest quality of silk saree and they are made with pure mulberry silk thread. That’s the reason why Kanchipuram silk sarees are so popular in the market and will remain so forever.

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Kanchipuram sari was initially worn on the wedding day by the brides only because of its cost but gradually the cost of the sarees became affordable and many women were seen wearing them and flaunting them in parties. We have prepared a list of tips which will help you choose the right and the genuine Kanchipuram silk saree from the market:

  • Always pick a Kanchipura sari which suits your complexion and also your body type. The colour of the saree should complement your skin tone. Since it’s your wedding day, you would want your saree to complement the entire function. For that, you should always choose a darker shade for the saree. For the wedding, the best Kanchipuram sari would be either a royal blue or indigo. These colours will make you look slimmer too. You can also go for multi-colour options as well, like for example, the upper half of the saree has Royal Blue in it and the bottom half is covered in indigo. Just like the pink and gold combination, which is also worth a try. Two layered Kanchipuram sarees will make you look slimmer too.
  • While picking a Kanchipuram sari always keep in mind the embellishments. They should suit your body type. Like for example, if you are a little heavier than choosing a saree with a lesser amount of embellishments will be better. Rather keep the embellishments to the lower side and pick a saree with a broad border. Borders with bright colour will create a thinner look for your body type. Borders with zari and kundans are also great which has copper or gold shades in it. They will glitter all night long making you look even more enchanting.
  • If you want to buy a Kanchipuram sari with print then our suggestion would be to buy a saree which has vertical or else horizontal prints all over it. You certainly don’t want to look heavy on your wedding day, hence buy accordingly. Mind your makeup and make sure it matches with the colour of your saree. Printed Kanchipuram sarees which have broad borders and buttas look really-really nice.
  • Contrast is always a good idea, be it for a wedding day or for any other occasion. Don’t stress over it, Kanchipuram saris always go well with contrast. Say for example you choose a bright red colour, it will always go well with green. Pick a gorgeous red colour Kanchipuram sari and pair it with an equally beautiful green colour blouse. Design a beautiful blouse piece for you which will make you stand out on your wedding day. Pair it with some beautiful gold jewellery.
  • If you are up for a fusion style and are more into lehenga rather than drapping an entire saree then a kanchipuram saree worn as a lehenga will be a fantastic idea for you. If you are a South Indian who is getting married to a North Indian family then this fusion will be simply marvellous! No questions asked. Don’t forget to wear heavy pallu to complete your wedding attire look. Flaunt your style and look no less than a diva on your wedding day. It’s your day and you have every right to style the Kanchipuram saree the way you want it.
  • For a fusion match, if you are choosing a Kanchipuram which has an elaborate pallu then pull your pallu towards the front to let it be seen by everyone. You can wear it in a Gujrati style. If you are a little heavy and want to cover yourself gracefully without looking bulky then use this style. It will suit you perfectly.
  • If you have purchased a Kanchipuram saree which is really heavy in weight and also has a heavy border, you can try the Mumtaz style on yourself too. This style is best suitable for those who are skinny and thin. This pattern will make your body look curvier and you can flaunt your figure too. Style should never fade away.
  • If you are going for a traditional way of wearing your Kanchipuram saree then do add a gold belt. It enhances the look of your saree and will make you look drop dead gorgeous. Basically, once you finish draping it, secure the pallu with pins to ensure that it will stay in place. After that wear your gold plate and show it to everyone.

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Now you know how to wear your Kanchipuram silk saree in a different way and also why it is loved by every bride. If your wedding day is approaching then don’t forget to buy them and buy only the best one at kanchipuram silk sarees store, 251-9 gandhi road, kanchipuram 631501, tel nr: 9677063537

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