10 Best Outfit Combinations for Summer 2017



Summer is that period or time of the year when ladies get the freedom to experiment with different looks. The temperature, climate and the mood that comes with summer make it possible to wear almost anything that you want. However, it is still essential to make sure that you get everything from the outfit combination to the styling and hairstyle right because this is the only way to ensure that you stand out. Check out the ten different summer outfit combinations below for some ideas.

#1 All White Dresses + Sneakers

An all white dress makes the perfect summer look because it is also functional since white does not absorb heat and so it will prevent excessive sweating when under the hot sun. With this outfit, you can go with any dress type and in any length that you find comfortable. Pairing it with some cute white sneaker helps to give the outfit a casual summer feel, and it works best with a long bob hairdo.

#2 Denim Short + Vintage t-shirts + Sneakers

Denim shorts are a must-have for summer because they give you many outfit combination options. One of the best ones entails wearing them with a vintage t-shirt and a pair of some colorful sneakers. For this look, any hairstyle will do, but a simple ponytail always seems to spice up the overall appearance.

#3 Jumpsuits + Trainers

If you want something comfortable and versatile for summer that you can wear anywhere, the jumpsuit is a perfect choice. But, it is important to make sure that you go for bright colors like pink, purple or blue because they do not absorb a lot of heat. You should then pair the jumpsuit with your cute and bright trainers. Although you will still look good with any hairstyle, this look seems to work best with balayage hairdos with lowlights elements.

#4 Long Floral Dress + Brown Sneakers

If you like keeping your look simple and comfortable, a long dress with some cute flowers will work well for you. It is also ideal for both casual and formal occasion but to give it a summer feel you should pair it with some brown sneakers. A simple center part and some straight face-framing bangs are enough for the hairdo.

#5 Denim Skirt + Classic Tees + Sandals

Denim skirts are another fantastic summer outfit that works well for most ladies, and this is more so if you do not like wearing trousers. You can have it in a faded blue shade and a rugged design or just a simple dark blue denim design. This skirt pairs well with a classic pink/white round neck t-shirt with some printed message and some sandals. For the hair, your curls or straight free-flowing locks will be just fine.

#6 Tank Tops + Shorts+ Sneakers

On a day that the summer heat feels hotter than usual, you should go for something that will not make things worse for you. Tank tops are an excellent choice for this, and you should make them even better by going with cute and bright ones with some lovely prints and in summer colors like pink, neon yellow and refreshing lime. If you pair this with your denim shorts and some white sneakers, you will have an outstanding look. As for the hairdo, a few rows of French or Dutch braids will work just fine.

#7 Navy Blue Crop Top + High Waist Denim

Crop tops are very fashionable outfits for summer because they are light and very breathable. For an appealing summer look, you can combine a navy blue strapless one with high-waist denim jeans for a distinct retro-inspired summer outfit. And if you also go with blonde lowlights hair you can be sure of summer look that you will remember for many years.

#8 The Nautical Stripe Look + Wedge Sandals

If you are planning to grace any semi-formal event or a party you should go with this look as it will make you stand out. It entails pairing a nautical stripe top and skirt with brown wedge sandals and finishing off the look with a messy bun or updo. This look can work well for a casual and semi-formal look, and the stripes are very attention-grabbing.

#9 Denim Overall + White Sleeveless Tees + Sling Back Sandals

Summer is all about breaking away from the norm and trying out something different and more interesting. A wide-leg denim overall might look outdated, but it makes an excellent summer wear. You should pair it with a sleeveless white t-shirt and some sling back sandals to create a sophisticated but very comfortable outfit combination. A simple center part of your balayage locks and sweeping them to the back is a good way to finish the look.

#10 White Slip Dress + Blue Mules

For your formal and semi-formal summer events, a white slip dress will work well. Although you can go short, it looks best if you keep it tight and long. The dress pairs well with some comfortable blue mules, but you can still wear it with your favorite stiletto depending on the event. And to complement the look, you can style your locks into formal hairdos like updos, braided buns or even go with a center part and face frame.

Summer is the time to have fun and enjoy the outdoors, and so it is vital to make sure that whatever you pick to wear makes this possible. Also, it is important to go for outfit combinations that will not make the heat worse. The ten above combinations are easy to pull, and you should use them as an inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

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