What you need to know when buying perfume bottles

perfume bottles

Glassware, with its fine edges, intrinsic designs and curvaceous corners is an object of attraction for every person. Especially, when glass takes the form of crystals, this desirability escalates manifold. The significance of crystals highlights itself specifically when one decides to buy crystal perfume bottles or wine glasses. On the one hand, perfume bottles are a rendition of luxury and aristocracy with their architectural magnificence, while on the other hand; wine glasses define your position, your choice of liquor and historical legacy.

A style that suits you best: –

Perfume bottles feature a rounded glass design incorporating a stopper, mostly made of glass or even metal sometimes. Its simple mechanism includes dapping perfume on the stopper and applying it on the skin. They also come with atomizers which facilitate even spreading of the liquid on your skin.

Crystal perfume decanters first gained prominence in the 18th century. Since then, their designing magnificence and architectural grandeur have only increased in prominence. However, before a person chooses to buy perfume bottles, it is necessary to garner a brief study of the various styles that exist in the market today.

From antiques to atomizers, perfume bottles come in a gazillion of choices. Each design reflects a variable approach that affects both the choice and approach of a user’s purchase. Here’s presenting some of the most intriguing perfume bottle designs currently looming the market.

perfume bottles

  1. A) Art Nouveau:

Gaining popularity in the 19th and 20th century, Art Nouveau inculcates delicate works of flora and fauna through its crystal embellishments. Perfume bottles belonging to this genre reflect their designing magnificence through unique design patterns that are capable of reflecting light intriguingly. This makes Art Nouveau perfume bottles one of the trivial choices for art lovers from around the globe.

  1. B) Atomizers bottles:

Perfume bottles with atomizers came into fashion in the early 1960’s. Finding use in the optimum spreading of perfume over the skin, atomizers became a style statement over decades. Atomizers are available in variable colors, materials, and shapes. Also, one can choose among different bulbs available from reputable suppliers.

  1. C) Art Deco:

This is perhaps one of the fascinating designs as far as crystal perfume bottle goes. The Art Deco styling essentially ponders on geometric alignments and cutting-edge outlooks. These crystal bottles are masterpieces from age-old craftsmen and are one of the rarest collections in this entire globe.

Now, coming down to wine glasses!!!

Make your choice of container correct:-

Wine personifies heritage in the most significant manner. So, opting for the correct crystal wine glass mostly depends on your hue of alcohol and choice of liquor. Here’re representing a few criteria one should consider before opting for a wine glass.

 Wide glass:

Glasses with a wide base find prominence when sipping some exquisite red wine. A wider base aids better oxidation; this causes evaporation and hence, a wine’s aroma. Since the majesty of wine depends a lot on its aroma; therefore, wide base glasses hold a different level of significance.

  1. Narrow crystal glasses:

Crystal glasses are heavy. These narrow but heavy glasses allow only limited oxidation, therefore making them apt for sipping some white wine. The tall, narrow borrow also helps in preserving the delicate bouquet and chills of white wines.

  1. Stemless containers:

These are all-around glasses and serve as an ideal container both for red and white wines. They are perfect for casual use, and you can use them to serve an al-fresco dinner for your guests. They are less-formal and one can even use them to serve water in case of need.

  1. Stemmed:

A stemmed crystal wine glass is necessary to keep your palm’s heat away from the wine. This prevents your body temperature from tampering with a wine’s chill. Moreover, stems also help in storing them upside down, thereby rendering them space effective.

  1. Tapered:

Be it a stemmed, stemless, narrow or wide glass, each of these crystal pieces has a tapered shape. It prevents the wine’s aroma from escaping and preserves its antiquity and extravaganza. It is one of the prime criteria to check before purchasing a wine glass.

So, whether, you are going to purchase perfume crystal bottles or crystal wine glasses, your choice solely depends on your requirement and taste. Therefore, get that piece of heritage in your hand now, before it stocks out!