What to wear while traveling South Africa

Youth today believes in the trending mantra called- Traveling is the new cool! Why not? Traveling makes us learn, enjoy, and celebrate happiness!

Amongst the most “must visit” places across the world, South Africa is definitely in most people’s bucket list.

Voila! Tickets confirmed? All excited to witness the soothing beaches, glorious wine lands, and a stunning nightlife? Sawubona South Africa!

Here are a few tips to most people’s unanswered questionnaire- “What am I supposed to wear?”. Gathering the details and sorting them into the essentials, we have organized them by breaking into categories. Please read on:

Pro tip:

Pack light, pack right

For your convenience:

  • Light luggage
  • Essential documents
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Wear the outfit that suits the occasion

Which pair of shoes to wear?

Well, a shoe fetish person might want to carry all his/her collections to South Africa! But, to save your time while packing/unpacking and avoiding the baggage penalty, you can filter them and choose any 2-3 pairs which you are comfortable in.

I would recommend a pair of walking shoes which you can wear while visiting Table mountain or even during sightseeing. Prepare your mind for a vigorous walk so that you do not miss out any cute, little “South African” element on your way.

Also, carry a pair of flip-flops so that you can change your outlook in minutes on the go and match with your desired theme.

What exactly to wear?

For women:

For Women

  • Just so you know, South Africans are quite conservative when it comes to clothing. So, by respecting their culture, try not to wear any outfits which are too revealing
  • If you love to swim wearing a swimsuit, our advice is to do so while you are in a hotel or a beach
  • While you are in public areas, do not forget to wear a piece of the stole or a kaftan if you by chance wear a short dress
  • A pair of loose pants and a skirt will melt your “Sunny” stress away!
  • Carrying a pashmina comes in handy. It easily fits in any bag/sling, or you can also purchase one with an African fabric as a souvenir
  • If you are planning to work in South Africa or you are already here to work, then, the formal dress code you should follow Knee-length skirt and a formal top. You can team it up with a jacket during winters

For men:

Men Fashion

  • For all the men out there, you are supposed to wear a collared shirt
  • No! You cannot wear tennis shoes or sneakers!
  • You can compensate for the loss by wearing cool and versatile shirts, polos, glasses, and swimwear to the pool and beaches
  • It is better to wear a jacket with multiple pockets if you do not have the habit of carrying a bag pack. Thus, you can keep the essentials(hat, glasses, sunscreen, etc) carefully in your jacket

Pack according to the weather:

During summer, instead of carrying the heavy pair of jeans, you can carry loose-fitting cotton pants, skirt, etc.

During winters, we advise carrying some long sleeve tops, thick jackets, thermals, and boots so that you beat the cold and still enjoy your vacation.

During autumn, a waterproof rain jacket is a must. Autumn season the best season for the “Leather junkies” as it keeps you warm and comfortable. Also, carry hoodies, a scarf, stocking, leggings, and denim shirts.

During spring, you can carry trousers, beach wears, some cool tees, a jersey and so on. As this season is pretty much similar to summer, this sums up your dilemma.


  • An umbrella
  • Accessories (chain, finger ring, earrings, bracelet, watch, etc)
  • Safari hat
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses
  • Jackets or sweaters/sweatshirts
  • sunscreen or sunblock
  • Anti-tan lotion/spray
  • Lip balm

Well, often we get excited a put a lot of stuff right in the bag. Thus, it becomes an annoying task to pack/unpack during the entire trip. Just remember, if you pack light, it becomes easier and besides it saves some space if you are planning to shop in the country you visit! Happy traveling!