What Are the Best Shoe Insoles According to the Experts at HS Footwear Co.?

grey insoles for shoes

The experts at HS Footwear Co. have been manufacturing custom boot and shoe insoles for years, and they are intimately familiar with what makes a right insole for the many reasons people wear them. Here are a few of their picks for the best commercial insoles.

Best Overall, General Purpose Insole

If you’re someone looking for general support or relief from specific conditions such as plantar fasciitis, you can’t go wrong with these insoles. They’re built with semi-rigid arch support and a flexible base to support your feet while still allowing natural motion properly.

Their proprietary Variable Cushioning Technology targets support where your feet need it, allowing comfort during a wide range of activities. Whether you’re on your feet all day, going for a run, or engaging in other strenuous activities, these Powerstep insoles offer the protection your feet need. And they’re incredibly affordable to boot! (No pun intended.)

Best Insole for High Arch Support and Extended Standing

People with high arches need ample middle support from their insoles to avoid pain from extended standing or athletic exertion. These insoles are built specifically with high arches in mind. They offer maximum arch support as well as a dense, closed cell foam layer to help spread weight evenly.

The Superfeet Green insoles offer one of the deepest heel cups available in an affordable insole, giving them excellent shock absorption qualities and good ankle support. They also include a rigid stabilizer cap which serves as a strong base for the foam insert, lending stability, and durability. If you’re on your feet for long periods, these insoles will cradle your feet in comfort.

Best Insole for Work Boots

Work boots are critical when maximum foot protection is required. However, these heavy shoes can be hard on your feet. Timberland, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty work boots, understands the concerns of their customers and offers one of the best removable inserts for use in work boots of any brand.

The insoles use an inverted cone pattern to create effective shock absorption across their entire length, particularly at the heel, where impact shocks are most common.

The design focuses almost entirely on reducing foot fatigue, and they are extremely successful. They also feature dynamic arch support and a breathable, moisture-wicking foam that keeps feet cool and comfortable throughout the workday.

Best Insole for Flat Feet

Flat footed individuals often have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes that offer the sort of support they need. For them, these Samurai insoles are the perfect fit. They’re built to conform to the natural shape of your foot, so they flex and give when necessary to cradle your feet and promote proper foot positioning.

As a result, these are also excellent for people that tend to overpronate. The orthotic is hidden inside the insole, which creates a very thin, unobtrusive insole that fits well in nearly all shoes. If you’re someone that stands for extended periods these insoles offer just enough support to get you through your day.

All four of the inserts discussed here come highly recommended by HS Footwear Co. Try them for yourself!


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