Tips to dress up your kids on a budget

Tips to dress up your kids on a budget.
Tips to dress up your kids on a budget.

Dressing up the little ones to look good is one pleasure we take as parents. It is so satisfying to see your child look cool and trendy. It might interest you to know that as you do it, you are building your child’s self-esteem and confidence. But we all know that keeping up with fashion trends is not a cheap indulgence. The pressure from your kids to look like their friends can take a toll on your finances. Wondering if there is a more affordable way out on this? Well, let us give you a few tips for dressing your kids on a budget.

Pick comfort over fashion

You might have had an episode where your kid refused to wear the expensive clothes that you spent a lot of money on. Think about it, would you be comfortable in an all-too- consuming outfit? Always keep in mind that kids are just like adults; they value comfort. No matter how fashionable a dress or a coat is, they might not even wear them if it is not comfortable!

Shop classic

Heard of the famous saying old is gold? It applies to kid fashion too. Anything that can be worn for a long period saves you money. You get value for money with classic clothes. Clothes such as denim are timeless yet very practical, especially for playful kids. The garments are quite strong and they will save you the money and the trip to the mall.

Go for offers as you shop for clothes

The endless pap shots of celebrity offspring making rounds in our TVs can create a demand most parents cannot afford. If we were to fulfill our children’s appetite to dress like” Northwest” or “Blue ivy,” we will end up with no cash. Well, you can still buy your kid’s trendy clothes by taking advantage of offers and sales discounts from favorite stores. For example, keep an eye on the Cape Union mart sale where you can buy those trendy clothes at reduced prices. Stay updated on offers and kid clothes specials that can help cut your spending.

Tip: Take advantage of other offers like coupon codes to save on your kids clothes.

Allow your kids to dress themselves

This is one hack most parents downplay. Allowing your kids to express themselves can save you thousands of money spent buying clothes that will never be worn. Remember, fashion is a thing of preference, and just like adults, when kids grow up, they develop a preference for certain styles. So, take a relaxed approach and allow them to pick items they will wear.

Shop for ‘practical’ clothes

Practical in this case means buying quality clothes that work for your kid in terms of factors like age. When your kids are still young and active, buying wear and tear is practical. Buying up-size clothes will also save you money because it will take a while before the kid needs a new pair.

Wrap up

Nothing is as exciting as being able to buy decent clothing for your child. But, we still want to have some money left for other needs. We hope some of these tips will help you save more and still keep your kids happy and looking nice!

Author Bio: A mother of two beautiful daughters, Elna Dlamini is an example setter at Outreach Monks, setting pace between her domestic and professional life. She is designated as the senior editor at the company.

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