The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The Rise of Sneaker Culture
The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The sneaker market is becoming one of the most lucrative industries to start investing in. Some people are now opting to invest in sneakers. This has led to many people turning to the sneaker trade to raise funds or extra income. It’s all about buying low and selling high. The trick is knowing which releases are likely to command a significant price premium on the secondary market and targeting them with everything you’ve got.

Even in 2020, lockdown restrictions were put in place, but people were still finding various ways of acquiring the latest sneakers and trying to flip them for some extra cash in their pockets. All of this should tell us that sneakers aren’t just a subculture but rather have strong financial power.

Thulani Ngwenya, CEO and founder of Sneaker Love, says “E-commerce and the Internet as a whole continue to create opportunities for people to monetize their valuables. With Sneaker Love people can sell their pre-loved or new sneakers to consumers looking for such. They can use the platform as a side hustle or build real sneaker businesses”.

The sneaker market is unlikely to disappear as more people are shopping online and more opportunities have arisen to make money. Those looking for extra income may want to consider getting into the selling game.

Sneakers have become a wardrobe essential, irrespective of the season. Be it winter, summer, or spring, everyone loves wearing sneakers to add a trendy look to their outfit. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, from classic and minimalist to bold and statement-making.

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4. Sell It

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About Sneaker Love

Sneaker Love is a classified platform for Sneaker lovers. Users can use the platform to sell new or pre-loved sneakers. Users can also use the platform to rent their sneakers.

Using the platform is as easy as ABC, as detailed below.


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