The Importance of Construction Christmas Cards

The Importance of Construction Christmas Cards
The Importance of Construction Christmas Cards

In this age of email and instant messaging, Christmas cards are slowly falling through the crack. Online communication like electronic mail, social media and messaging application are becoming the most used platform of sending Christmas greetings and messages. But nothing beats the level of emotion when sending Christmas cards – it allows us to connect on an emotional level to the people whom we valued and to the people who touched our lives. Sending personalized Christmas cards is one way of building a good relationship with your family, friends, clients and employee through the extra effort of showing how much you care for them.

If you are in a construction business, sending construction Christmas cards to your employee may lift their morale knowing you cared enough to send a special greeting card. Also, sending personalized construction Christmas cards to your client allows you to build a good relationship by keeping in touch with them during this time of the year. Below are some of the reasons why Christmas cards are still important:

Christmas Cards Are Personal

Christmas cards have a personal touch to the receiving end. The recipient will surely appreciate the thoughts and efforts of sending such card, especially if the greeting card contains handwritten notes or pictures that will remind the recipient about your beautiful past together. People love to send Christmas cards because it is such a personal way of staying connected with their loved ones.

Christmas Cards Mean More Today Than Before

While there are a lot of ways to send holiday greetings nowadays, the traditional method is still the best way to show someone you care. Personalized Christmas cards with handwritten notes mean more today than a plain electronic email or messages via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

It Will Make Someone Happy

Imagine when you open your mailbox at your gate and instead of seeing a bill of envelopes, you will see a Christmas card. Surely, you will be surprised and excited to open it. It will bring a different joy to your heart and will make your day brighter.

It is One Way of Connecting to Your Client

You can send Thank You message to your clients via construction Christmas cards with special handwritten notes about how grateful you are for their continuous support. You can personalize your Christmas cards according to whom you want it to send. Also, you may want to consider buying holiday cards. Customized greeting cards are available at Ziti Cards – they have a variety of options to choose from.

Christmas Cards Are a Lasting Gift

People take time to buy greeting cards, write a note, seal them and send to their friends and love ones. Aside from the thoughtfulness and extra efforts as a traditional means of bringing joy and happiness to the people we love during this time of the year, Christmas cards are a one way to share God’s love. These cards remind everyone of the reason why we celebrate Christmas, and this can be kept forever.

So, this coming Christmas season – spread the love and start planning on sending Christmas cards either to your friends, loved ones, employees or clients. It does not have to be expensive, you can create your own simple card or if you do not have the luxury of time – consider buying customized cards like construction Christmas cards at Ziti Cards.

Why Buy at Ziti Cards?

Ziti Cards is the premier specialty provider of personalized, customized greeting cards for different types of businesses and one of them is construction business. They are already proven and tested provider of Christmas cards with a personal touch to thousands of business every year. Ziti Cards are offering a vast selection of construction Christmas cards that feature an original design that is solid and professional – best to express your sincere holiday greetings. If you are not sure of what card you are looking for, you can request a sample design from them for FREE. At Ziti Cards, they will let you feel the quality of their products first before you commit for an order.

Ziti Cards Offers the Following:

  1. Free Personalization – Ziti offers design of not only any text, font and color but also your logo inside the card. Just select from their options any heartfelt messages or you may create your own message depending on your style. You also have the option to put your return address in the envelope. All of these are for FREE!
  2. Cards Ship in Three (3) Days –From the time you have placed and finalized your order, give Ziti Cards three (3) business days to deliver your cards. However, take note that the shipping time may change without prior notice. So, best to always check their website for the latest update.
  3. Same Day Rush Service –If you are in a hurry and want your cards fast – Ziti Cards have rush service offered for an additional cost. You can check the rush service box in your shopping cart to avail this option. With the rush service, Ziti Cards will ship the cards in one (1) business days via FedEx provided that your order is placed and finalized before 10:00AM CST, Monday through Friday. Please allow them an additional one (1) business day if the order is submitted after 10:00AM CST. Note also that the delivery time will depend upon your method of choice.

Prices at Ziti Cards

Ziti Cards prices are very reasonable and affordable. They even offer a various discount such as follows:

  • 15% discount when you order online before September 30
  • 10% discount when you order online before October 31

Ziti cards prices are depending on the design and its complexity. For ideas, you can browse their original designs and check how much the rate per quantity. Just a tip, the earlier you order, the bigger the discount and the higher the quantity, the lower the price.

Another reason why Ziti Cards is the best place to buy construction Christmas cards or any industry-specific cards is their mission. Ziti Cards aim to provide beautiful custom holiday cards that businesses or professionals can confidently send to their clients or even employees to create the bond of friendship while doing business.

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