The 5 Advantages Of Online Shopping

The 5 Advantages Of Online Shopping
The 5 Advantages Of Online Shopping. Photo: Pixabay

With the rise of the internet and its many inventions (e.g. social media, Skype) also came the rise of online shopping. With more countries and cities making access to wi-fi or cheap data accessible, this means that more online stores either by big retail companies or by up and coming designers have access to a wider pool of consumers. A US survey found that in 2016 51% of customers purchased their products online compared to 48% in 2015.

Here are a few advantages of online shopping:

1. No Need To Leave Home

Most working and young people are at work or school during the week and often have the weekend to spend all day at the mall buying groceries, clothing other luxuries and goods. What this requires is a) for people to be dressed and b) for money to be spent on transport. With the rising prices of petrol in South Africa, this can be incredibly costly. This is the gap that online shopping addresses.

Online shopping does not require consumers to be dressed (unless they are accepting their delivery) and it does not require shoppers to leave their homes or offices to spend hours looking for the perfect formal dress for the year-end function. This helps in saving transport fees, insurance costs and time.

Since the business of online shopping has expanded it is not only clothing that can be bought online, books, gadgets, food and anything you can think of can be purchased and delivered straight to your door!

2. Convenient

Physical stores have rules and those rules differ from store to store. However, one thing remains the same, they all open at a fixed time (usually in the mornings) and close at a fixed time (usually late in the afternoons or early evenings). This means that if you’ve missed that timeframe, then you would have to go back the following day or whenever they are open again.

Luckily, online stores do not close (unless if the website is down). They are open 24/7 and they do not restrict customers from viewing and buying items because of time zones. It is also convenient because customers can effortlessly move from browsing through clothing stores to browsing home décor stores, to getting a car insurance quote all in the space of a few minutes.

The fact that so many people have smartphones makes online shopping more accessible. A survey found that most people did their online shopping when they were working or when they were doing their household chores. This means that important activities like work, chores, running errands do not need to be postponed or disrupted because online shopping lets people multitask.

3. Saves Time

Online stores are a great way for shoppers to save time because they do not have to physically go through a number of stores to find items. The internet makes it easier to view multiple items without having to exhaust oneself by spending hours walking through a mall.

Another amazing feature is the wish list. For example, online clothing stores often feature a wish list which allows customers to move items they are considering purchasing to a wish list so they can narrow down their choices. Online stores often email shoppers if something they were looking for is back in stock and available to buy. Wishlists also mean other people can see what a person wants or needs, and then buy it for them as a gift.

4. Variety

There is just as much variety available on online stores as there are in physical stores and if one website does not have what a person is looking for then it is even easier to move onto the next to see if the item is available there.

5. Cheaper

Online stores are great because they are sometimes cheaper and have better offerings that physical stores. Shoppers can save money online shopping as some stores give customers a percentage off once they have bought products that exceed a certain amount. Another store that is aimed mainly at young people often has 30% discounts off most of their items towards the end of the month when people get paid or receive their monthly allowances.

Online shopping like any other kind of shopping can come with its own frustrations particularly because you are not in the actual shop and cannot feel and see the items until they arrive, however it has many more benefits and saves more time compared to physical stores. What is important for any kind of online shopping is to look around, compare prices, and sit back and relax.