The 4 major benefits of lockdown living in KwaZulu-Natal’s mature lifestyle villages

The 4 major benefits of lockdown living in KwaZulu-Natal’s mature lifestyle villages
The 4 major benefits of lockdown living in KwaZulu-Natal’s mature lifestyle villages

The introduction of lockdown measures has been necessary to curb the rise of Covid-19 infections, particularly with the arrival of the 3rd wave. Despite these restrictions in movement and limitations on gatherings, those residing in mature lifestyle villages have still been able to enjoy many safe, Covid-19 compliant activities within secure, nature-based surroundings.

“The introduction of lockdown regulations last year was met with much trepidation by many South Africans, but it was interesting to note that residents in mature lifestyle villages actually reported a generally positive experience overall,” explained Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments. “Because, while contact with the outside world was limited, they were still able to engage in outdoor activities, and have some measure of community interaction. This allowed for continued mental and physical wellbeing throughout the pandemic.”

Here’s a look at the 4 major benefits of estate living in lockdown on the KwaZulu-Natal coastline.

  1. Natural open spaces

The temperate climate and natural abundance of the KwaZulu-Natal coastline makes outdoor living a welcome experience year-round. Rather than being restricted to the confines of a home or small garden, residents are able to take full advantage of the sub-tropical climate and sunny skies throughout the estate. Indigenous, manicured gardens with sea views make the perfect space for walks and picnics in a safely, socially distanced environment. The connection with the natural world is also important for lowering anxiety and stress levels during this challenging time.

  1. Community living

Following appropriate social distancing regulations, residents in mature lifestyle villages have still been able to engage in various community activities without compromising health. Even those who aren’t able to engage directly with other residents, there is a sense of comfort in waving to a friend from afar, and just having the knowledge that there are others close by at all times.

  1. Endless activities

Following prevailing lockdown regulations, mature lifestyle villages have been able to keep residents entertained and engaged throughout this period through ongoing community activities. From charity-driven collections, crafting and supper clubs through to birding excursions, nature trails, hikes and bike rides, there’s always something to keep busy. Keeping healthy and active is particularly important during times of high stress, as it ensures a healthy mind, healthy body and strengthened immunity.

  1. Security of health

A primary focus in mature lifestyle villages is maintaining and enhancing health, whether it’s through physical activity, mental agility or home-based healthcare. During Covid-19, these facilities arranged for the provision of vaccinations at the centres, which meant ease of access and no additional health risks in travelling to healthcare facilities. Further to this, home-based healthcare practitioners work with residents on optimum diets, exercise regimes, medication and other necessary healthcare intervention.

Barker said, following the initial lockdown, there had been an increase in the number of mature residents looking to invest in an estate like Renishaw Hills, based on the KZN South Coast: “In fact, residents who’ve moved from the suburbs into Renishaw Hills the past year-and-a-half have commented on how much better the experience of lockdown has been within the village. That sense of isolation and restriction is removed, with residents able to enjoy the freedom, activities and community of this seaside village. With the recent announcement of increased regulations, residents have been largely unaffected, particularly as around 90% of our residents have been vaccinated.”

Renishaw Hills is able to offer all residents these incredible benefits associated with living in a high-quality and secure mature lifestyle village. To find out more about living the holiday life, or to book a tour with all relevant health-and-safety measures adhered to, contact Renishaw Hills on [email protected] or visit