South Africa,s Yesterdays

South Africa,s Yesterdays

In writing this article I have borrowed the title from a book published by Readers Digest called South Africa,s Yesterdays,my aim is not meant to be political or in anyway demean any individual or group, it is in away looking back at my youth and the life in those days. It will certainly cover certain aspects of history in many spheres, so let us go back to the past which many of my age group will remember and the those that are younger can learn and hopefully understand what life was like. I no longer live in South Africa, so the day to day events have really no direct impact on me, I can only feel a sense of sadness at what is happening today.

Boating on Zoo Lake

One of the weekend pleasures that we had in the summer months was boating on Zoo Lake and family outings, were of utmost importance it was an event that we looked forward to. Many would pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it by the lake, to the strains of live music provided by the Light Horse Regiment Band and the South African Railways & Harbours Band, playing a wide selction of music from marches to light orchestral works.

Union Castle Line

Holiday time was a wonderful time to look forward to, especially if we were going to take a holiday on one of the famous Union Castle Liners such as the Capetown Castle, Windsor Castle and many others, one would board the trans Karoo to Cape Town or the trans Natal to Durban and then onto to the harbour to board the mail ship and with streamers thrown to those that came to say goodbybe, bon voyage and with bands playing, we set sail on a never to be forgotten holiday.

Music & Culture

South Africa had a vibrant classical musical scene, from Ballet , Opera, Concerts and a lot else, remember concerts in the city hall with the SABC orchestra conducted by Edgar Cree, let us also not forget Boswell Wilikie Circus and the many other forms of live entainment that we had.

In conclusion there are many other aspects of South Africa of the past, that one could write about, but it would take many hours and maybe the interest would not be there.

I have one question but I feel there is no answer, was life better in the past? That maybe is for the indivdual to answer.