T1 Tact Watch & Coronavirus – Review Touts Useful Features for Pandemic


One watch company, The T1 Tact Watch, is emphasizing on their product’s unique ability to help you deal with the present reality. The global Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way do see life-as-normal, but their watch revolutionized the industry with an indestructible design and exponentially valuable features. The freshly posted T1 Tact Watch review promotes the beneficial characteristics of this smartwatch for coping with the new normals presented by COVID-19 [see here] while protecting what’s important.

Shopping for a smartwatch can present dozens of questions about features, reviews, pricing, and more. One T1 Tact Watch review shows the watch’s key features as specifically curated for what you need, while avoiding many of the gimmicks and unnecessary trends. 

Features for Combatting COVID-19

The health of every individual is of utmost importance today. Organizations like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization encourage individuals to keep close tabs on how they’re feeling physically. With so much to worry about, a smartwatch could be one way to passively track your health trends and habits. The T1 Tact Watch can trace your personal health statistics like heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories, and more. Data can be shared directly with any smartphone for quick viewing. 

Trips out of the house can be concerning for anyone during the Coronavirus lockdown. Washing hands and staying away from others is of high priority. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can live for long periods on surfaces, like a watch. However, the T1 Tact Watch can be submerged entirely underwater for a scrubbing, so wearers don’t have to worry about removing their watch before a trip out for the necessities. 

If connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth, the watch can be set to buzz discreetly when a new notification of phone call comes through. Staying connected to family and friends is already difficult while practicing social distancing, but wearing this smartwatch guarantees that you never miss an important update.

On top of all that, the watch never has to be taken off to charge. Instead, it comes complete with 3+ years of solid battery life.  This spec is one of the major differences that sets the watch apart from similar brands. 

Right now, the watch is available in one, universal style. Even so, the company has announced that new styles will come available for 2020. However, the singular “Midnight Diamond” style is fitting for all time. The attractive design will stay in style as fads come and go, making it an appealing purchase that will last long after the passing of the pandemic.

T1 Tact Watch reviews have emphasized this watch’s unmatched toughness, calling it a military-grade watch for a reason. While the Coronavirus outbreak has the world shutdown, this tactical smartwatch could be the next step toward peace of mind. 

For those that already own this modern piece of wearable technology, check out the new video released by the T1TW brand on YouTube and instagram. It explains how to disassemble and reassemble the tactical watch.

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