Saving some extra money for a Rainy Day: How to get the best Deals on Online Shopping

Saving some extra money for a Rainy Day: How to get the best Deals on Online Shopping
Saving some extra money for a Rainy Day: How to get the best Deals on Online Shopping. Image source: Supplied

Online shopping has become an extremely popular choice amongst the 21st-century shopping enthusiast, primarily due to its convenience and money-saving aspects. People are ditching the older and conventional method of physically moving around the market to purchase the required products, thanks to the convenience of shopping around at the comfort of their couch.

One of the prime advantages that online shopping has always been closely associated with is the significant reduction in the price it offers. However, this is not the case for the vast majority of online shoppers. In fact, it is a complete contradiction.

Online shopping websites may lead you to believe that they are offering you the best and cheapest deals. But, in actual practicality, there are ample of simple and easy tricks you can apply to ensure you’re genuinely paying the lowest price for your product (s). Of course, there are some specific websites such as that offer mouth-watering deals on gadgets every day.

Here are some online shopping hacks you can incorporate to ensure you’re actually saving some money to make use of it for a rainy day.

1. Compare, compare and compare

The easiest and also the most assured method of making sure you’re paying the lowest price for a product is if you keep comparing its price on various online shopping sites. More often than not, different online shopping sites offer contradicting prices in an attempt to draw more sales (obviously). The difference in the pricing may not be of gigantic magnitude, but it is worth checking out how much less you would have to pay if you shop on an alternate site.

In addition to this, different websites feature flash sales on various occasions as well. These are the best times when you can score the cheapest deals, especially on electronic items.

Comparing deals on multiple websites enables you to harness the best pricing offered by different vendors, and allows you to make the best (and the cheapest) purchasing decision.

2. Outwitting the Dynamic pricing system

As mentioned previously, different shopping sites offer contradicting price tags on the same product. Online shopping sites make use of advanced and powerful software that filters the pricing of a particular item depending on your zip code, your browser’s history, and also your shopping platform (smartphone or laptop/ Pc) as well.

Depending on such factors, most online shopping sites tend to hike up their prices, which is quite annoying and frustrating as well. You can avoid facing such inconveniences by switching to incognito mode on your internet browser or by clearing out the cache and history data before proceeding to visit the suitable shopping website.

3. Use a credit card payment option

The majority of online shopping websites/ apps offer ample price discounts if you choose to pay for the products using your credit card instead of opting for the traditional Cash on delivery option. Now, most people remain skeptical of such payment modes, but, in reality, these payment options are carried out using a completely safe and reliable channel.

Major shopping sites offer anywhere from 10-25% discounts (or cashbacks) if you pay for the products using your credit/ debit card. Credit card payment options also allow you to avail the EMI feature which comes in handy when you’re trying to purchase a product with a hefty price tag as well.

4. Hunt for coupon code websites

Most people may not know this, but, there are various websites and coupon-dedicated apps out there that offer valid coupon codes that you can use to avail discounts while checking out your shopping cart. You can either download apps that offer such coupons, or you can Google search manually to find websites that you can use on specific shopping sites as well.

Coupon code websites are extremely easy to find, and they provide you with some of the best and jaw-dropping offers as well. Hence, it is one of the most effortless methods that can produce an extraordinary discount result.

5. Become an exclusive member

The majority of e-commerce sites offer special discounted pricing for their exclusive members. Amazon, for example, offers significant discounts forits Prime members throughout the year. The equivalent method is applicable to the majority of similar online shopping sites as well. These exclusive memberships might come at some cost (monthly or annually), but, considering the number of discount offers you avail throughout the yearly shopping calendar, they are completely worth it.

In addition to just receiving discounted costs on various items, exclusive membership also helps you to enlist yourself on the receiving end to some convenient service and shopping features such as free shipping, early access to deals, and priority shipping as well. All these factors contribute a great deal in reducing your total payable amount on your shopping cart.

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